Womens Vintage Leather Moto Jacket by Brimaco


As we mentioned in previous articles, finding the perfect vintage leather moto jacket can take years. And when you do finally find one it’s well worth the hunt. Just the other day we walked into our favorite vintage boutique in Toronto, we were just browsing, it was really an opportunity stop in and say hi to our friend Roger who owns it, when something magical happened.

Womens 1960s Vintage Leather Moto Jacket - Brimaco

On the way out I asked Roger if he¬†happened to have any vintage leather moto-jackets for women lying around – something I’ve had on my list for years. When he eyed me, immediately knew my size and what looks good on a woman, turned on his heel he reached behind several vintage dresses to uncover a hidden gem. He handed it to me like a magician, holding out a vintage Brimaco womens leather moto-jacket. And told me to try it on.

Womens 1960s Vintage Leather Moto Jacket - Brimaco

My eyes were ablaze and as I slipped my arms in the sleeves and stood there looking at it in the mirror I knew I had finally found it. Roger described the details of the jacket saying how it was made in the late 1960s, how a leather moto-jacket like this is rare to find, especially one in such beautiful shape. He urged us to do our research on Brimaco as these biker jackets are not cheap on Ebay. Most start at $400 and can get as high as $1000 in good condition. I don’t think I heard any of it, I was too blown away by how great it looked on me.


Womens 1960s Vintage Leather Moto Jacket - Brimaco

I knew I would leave wearing it, and nothing Roger said would convince me otherwise. The condition of the leather is just perfect, it has the right wear, the right weight to it, it’s smooth…it’s just incredible. And with it’s great big Talon zipper and the additional zippers near the waist – for a looser fit for riding a motorcycle – I just couldn’t believe my search had finally come to an end and that I only¬†paid $90 for this jacket.

womens-leather-moto-jacket-brimaco-label Womens 1960s Vintage Leather Moto Jacket - Brimaco

Ever since that day I can’t help but check myself out in a mirror every time I wear it. And I look for excuses to put it on. Indoors and out. I’m not really sure how I got so lucky perhaps being in the right place at the right time and knowing Roger. He really is an incredibly talented man. It is proof though that the perfect womens vintage leather moto-jacket can be found if you persist. My hunt took a while but it was worth it.


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