Why You Will Never Find A Vintage Porsche 911R 2.0 Coupé


Who said fast cars have to be lightweight? In 1967 Ferdinand Piech head of the experimental design in Zuffenhausen for Porsche did. Everyone thought he was a nut. But his theory was purely based on his love for the Porsche racing program, the classic Porsche 911 design and speed. The 911R was his masterpiece and his swan song as not long after he was fired.

Vintage Porsche 911R Coupé 2.0

This 911 Porsche muscle was engineered with fiberglass and aluminum to lighten the load at every possible point, fiberglass was even used for the doors engine cover and trunk. There was no ashtray, no cigarette lighter and no viser in this car, everything not completely necessary was stripped leaving an absolutely purposeful race machine. And something Porsche had never built before.


With an engine not altogether fast, the Porsche Type 901/22 engine had 1,991 cc’s with torque of 152ft-pounds at 6,000 and a tougher Carrera 6 tranny with limited slip differential. But it made 830kg of Porsche 911R go like lightning. Every single inch of this revolutionary 911 was sweated and engineered tooth and nail.

So what happened to it? Common sense got in the way, the accountants at Porsche found it hard to justify launching this vehicle in a market that couldn’t justify purchasing a Porsche race-car. At the heartbreaking price of 45,000 marks only two dozen of the Porsche 911R Coupé 2.0 were ever made.

If something screams by you on the highway resembling a 1967 911R? Chances are it’s an aftermarket kit designed to look like one – with 911 chassis and Porsche parts mixed in, which is cheating. Two words about ever finding an original: good luck.

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