Why Levis Vintage Clothing Make The Best Jeans For Men


7 years ago I bought two pairs of LVC 501XX from Klaxon Howl in Toronto and I think these are the best jeans for men but then I made two stupid errors. The first pair I accidentally threw in the garbage, I know, I know, I’m kicking myself but I was purging my closet and it must’ve got mixed in with some other pants, c’est la vie.  Then the second pair I wore to do a renovation on my house in the dead of winter. I guess at the time the baggy look wasn’t in and skinny jeans were the rage so I thought, these are perfect for hard labour.

LVC 501xx Best Jeans For Men

I absolutely demolished this room with a hammer and muscle. During the process I put tools in my pockets as I ripped apart walls, tore the ceiling down, gutted, insulated, painted and finished every last inch of it. It was the biggest project I’ve ever done solo and it took me about 4 months from start to finish, but the jeans? they were ruined, or so I thought.

LVC 501xx Best Jeans For Men

These denim jeans had gunk on them from spray foam, white paint and a whole lot of other crap that fell from the ceiling or that just stuck the them. For example as I was ripping the ceiling down large chunks of plaster with steel mesh came down scraping the denim as I lifted it off me to put it back in a big pile in the middle of the room. Then there was the 60 trips to a dumpster outside, up and down the stairs, to empty the contents of the room.


During the process I wore these jeans everyday. They were the most comfortable pair of jeans I owned and were somehow perfect for the job. I just didn’t question it. And considering it was minus 30 while I was doing the reno (and there was no insulation in the walls) the denim was thick enough to keep me warm the entire time.

LVC 501xx Best Jeans For Men

After I was done, I never wore them again and stuffed them in the bottom of my closet. Thinking I might one day wear them again. So the other day I was having conversation with my friend over at FormFollowsFunction about vintage denim and Levis 501XX when it hit me…what if I scraped all the the paint off my old jeans with a steak knife? At the very least it could be an interesting experiment to try. So two days later and 1.5 hours of scraping large swaths of white paint off denim, I got the results.

LVC 501xx Best Jeans For Men

In my opinion the best jeans for men need to last, they need to be made with age old quality and strong, thick denim. Like Levis LVC’s. This style is based on a 1950s 501xx. And they certainly were doing something right in the 50s because by the looks of it, these jeans will last longer than I will.


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