Westsail 32 The Dream That Won’t Go Away


When I think of my happy place I think of being rocked to sleep in the comfort of the cabin on a 1974 Westsail 32 in rolling seas. Of course I also have a deep fear of sea sickness but we won’t get into that. And at some point during this dream of rocking back and forth on a Westsail it takes on a life of it’s own and I begin to act.

Westsail 32

I dream about it because it’s an incredible boat, famous for it’s seaworthiness and offshore sailing and I’m a little obsessed. I still have an obsession with Teak furniture but this obsession is different, it’s shadows me. I’m not exactly sure how I can afford one or what the life of a sailor might be like, but then I find myself near open water and somehow it all makes sense again, me and a 40 year old boat. 


Westsail 32

The dream is about freedom and self reliance living off the grid. It’s a compilation of a hundred books and endless videos and films I’ve seen. And I now find I’m unconsciously making tiny adjustments to my habits the longer this dream goes on. Like selling off odd useless items here or there that I won’t be taking with me on my boat. I’m also doing my best to save money and trying to connect the dots of a path that inevitably leads one to open water. 

What does a path to owning a 1974 Westsail look like? It’s filled with indecision, research, and being humbled by a growing list of skills that are hard learned. It’s like starting from scratch and learning how to walk. I have sailed less than 20 nautical miles in my life and I’m as green as they come. But dreams are important. They fuel goals build anticipation and keep things exciting. And if we don’t dream then we really aren’t living, are we.

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  1. Chris says

    Don’t give up I am one with limited sailing time and I stumbled across a Westsail 32 that needed repowered and paint and a lot more before I take off for the bahamas next fall. This is my second boat the first was a allied Princess 36 and it was a fixer upper also and when I got it sailing and other things fixed it just didn’t satisfy me so I sold it and was without a boat for a few months then I got my westsail When I was towed from the slip and let go in open water I new this was the one at that moment. I raised the sails and sailed a few miles north west towards the marina where I had it hauled then lost wind so I called towboat a they towed me on in. There I had the bottom painted and I repowered it my self two months later she splashed once again I sailed her back to her home slip and the work continues. There are many people that have owned boats for many years and still have limited sailing experience. Just be a dreamer and a doer not just a dreamer.
    Best Wishes, Chris

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