Westsail 32 The Dream That Won’t Go Away

Westsail 32

  When I think of my happy place I think of being rocked to sleep in the comfort of the cabin on a 1974 Westsail 32 in rolling seas. Of course I also have a deep fear of sea sickness but we won’t get into that. And at some point during this dream of rocking back […]

Vintage Denim: Union Made Lee Denim Jacket Sanforized

Vintage Lee Denim Jacket - Union Made

Scored a gorgeous, shredded Lee Denim Jacket the other day for $10. It was one of those days when you find something you just don’t expect. I was waiting for someone and decided to pop into an old vintage boutique in a basement that does wholesale vintage. The average age in there was about 18 […]

Vintage Wedding: The Chanel Wedding Dress That Broke Tradition

Chanel Wedding Dress - Silk Gown

The rebirth of Chanel happened in the 1980s when Karl Lagerfeld made his finest decisions, it was a period when a simple Chanel dress blossomed and evolved. And it seemed everything Karl touched turned to shimmering jewels. Related posts: Vintage Home: Style Your Home With A Vintage Wedding Dress Vintage Jewelry: First Peek At The […]

Vintage Cars: The Classic 1969 Corvette Convertible

1969 Classic Corvette Convertible Stingray

There are loads of convertible cars out there that you could call classic cars, however only a few stand out as a convertible AND a muscle car all in one, and that’s the classic 1969 red Corvette convertible Stingray. Related posts: Cars And Classics A 1966 Corvette StingRay And Early Morning Knocks At My Door […]

Vintage Magazines: Vintage Playboy Magazines From Mom

Vintage Playboy Magazine Collection 1962-1993

  It’s hard to believe a mother would buy her son a complete collection of vintage Playboy magazines from 1963- 1993 but that’s just what mine did. Some people think it’s cool, some think it’s weird. I think it’s pretty neat. However ten boxes of vintage Playboy magazines require space. Space I don’t have. And […]

Vintage Shopping: The Art Of Negotiation

The Art Of Negotiation

  When vintage shopping there is an art of negotiation that opens the floor for great conversation and helps you save money. Of course you could pay full price for something, but then where’s the fun in that? Here are several rules to help get the negotiation process rolling with a perspective seller. Keep in mind […]

Danish Teak Chairs Found On A Farm

Danish Teak Chairs Found On The Farm

  Just last weekend we found five danish teak chairs sitting perfectly lined along a farmhouse driveway. Road trips are the best way to discover vintage scores because you never know what you might find along the road. It was a savoury sight for a Teak lover, and with eyes wide we swerved the car over […]

Vintage Shopping: Best Rome Vintage Boutique

Vintage Hermes Scarf at Blue Goose in Rome

  Blue Goose is one of the newer additions to Romes vintage boutiques along Via Del Boschetto in Monti. And from the moment you enter the boutique the knowledgeable friendly staff greet you as if you have just entered a hidden pocket of vintage designer gems that nobody else knows about. Right off the start […]

Vintage Home: How To Find Persian Rugs

Antique Persian Rug - Gashgai

Sometimes the biggest scores become investments, like finding vintage Persian Rugs. The history and hand-crafted detail that go into a nice one can make it the centerpiece in any room. So how do you find Persian Rugs that are authentic? Related posts: The Art Of Collecting Vintage Tea Cups Vintage Home: Home And Office Salvage […]

Vintage Watches: Cartier Tank Watch For Women

Jackie Kennedy Wearing a Womens Cartier Tank Watch

The coveted womens Cartier Tank watch was created by Louis Cartier himself, in 1917. And it is one of the most copied watches in history. Inspired by Renault tanks, the simplicity of the square rectangle design is unmistakable on a womans wrist. Related posts: Vintage Fashion: A Womens Vintage Hermes Scarf Vintage Watches: Omega SeaMaster The Ultimate […]

Vintage Wedding: The Hunt For The Perfect Veil

1950s Vintage Crown Veil Found on Etsy

  Are you inspired by the idea and style of a vintage wedding? Are you looking for something that will make a bride stand out? Perfect. And we all know that throwing a wedding is a massive ordeal that costs loads of money. But with so many vintage pop-culture references out there like the Great […]

Vintage Fashion: Classic Burberry Trenchcoat

Kate Moss In A Vintage Classic Burberry Trenchcoat

The ultimate trenchcoat for women is the classic Burberry trenchcoat. With it’s large stylish collar and rows of heavy stitched buttons this coat keeps you shut in from the weather. There is nothing more comforting or stylish than a Burberry trenchcoat on a chilly night. Related posts: Vintage Fashion: A Womens Vintage Hermes Scarf Vintage Fashion: […]

Vintage Denim: The Cult Of Denim

Vintage Levis Denim Collar

There is a cult like following for vintage denim, how it ages, the stitching. The type of wear you find on originals from the 40s, 50s, 60s and even 1970s is incredible. Denim is art. We totally get it. And when you begin to appreciate vintage denim that has the type of character you can […]

Vintage Cars: How To Buy A Porsche 911 From The 80s

1980s Porsche 911

When you think Porsche 911 do you think, reliability? The 1980s were good years for Porsche, they were the yuppie years when people bought loads of them. And you still find them on the roads today because they were built to last. For someone interested in owning a Porsche 911 without the sticker shock, some […]

Vintage Prom: How To Find The Best Prom Dress


  The best prom dress is vintage because it’s memorable, unique, reasonably priced and it stands out. Why dress like everyone else? Make it a vintage prom. And who wants to wear the same dress as everyone else?! A vintage dress is a unique choice for a prom and is a perfect occasion for finding an extra special dress. Why vintage? It adds […]

Vintage Motorcycles: 1991 BMW K100RS 4-Valve

1991 BMW K100RS 4-Valve Sport Touring

  Feel the wind in your arm hair on this vintage 1991 BMW K100RS. Stock ‘Brick’ 987cc engine has a ton of torque and loads of direct drive power. The first ABS motorcycle. This was shaft driven german technology and performance at it’s peak. Not only are these K100s fun to ride but they’re also a thrill […]

Online Vintage Shopping Experience Has Exploded

Vintage Shopping Evolved

  Finding online vintage fashion is evolving rapidly, and depending on the type of vintage hunter you are it can be an especially exciting time to find vintage fashion online. Post-recession mood is wearing off and people are paying more attention to the details again. The antiquity, style and nostalgia we all adore can be appreciated […]

Vintage Guitars: The Vintage Telecaster Of My Dreams Revisited

Vintage Fender Telecaster, or is it?

Returned to Florida and hit a local flea market last week, where I discovered the exact same seller of the 1950s vintage fender telecaster I saw back in December. Serendipitous considering I left Florida and dreamed about it as the vintage fender guitar that got away and as luck would have it I was reunited with “the one.” […]

Vintage Shopping: The Personal Touch Of Independent Vintage Stores

Rare Book About Railways 1918 - Personalized Note

  It’s Superbowl sunday and the city is a-buzz, but before the party starts it’s time for a stroll to check out some vintage stores. Penny Arcade on Dundas Street west in Toronto, is a great local vintage store that specializes in tasteful women’s and mens wear, leather bags, shoes, dresses, scarves and gloves. Always a great spot […]

Vintage Home: Hunting for Vintage Picture Frames

Vintage Picture Frames - The Art Of The Wall

Home is where the heart is, and when hunting for vintage picture frames it is a fun and easy way to decorate a yours and discover old art. Thrift stores and garage sales are a perfect place to start your hunt where you can expect to pay $2 – $10, depending on the size of the picture. […]

Vintage Jewelry: The Space Proof Omega Moon Watch 1957

Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch Gemini - Vintage Watches

  What signifies the ultimate vintage wristwatch? It would need to be indestructible, waterproof, have high-grade steel, exceptional movement and sound. In 1957 however the Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch was required by NASA to be “Space Proof. Flight Qualified by NASA for all Manned Space Missions” the Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch was sourced by NASA as a […]

Bauhaus Movement Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair 1925

Marcel Breuer Chair - Originally Designed in the Bauhaus 1920s

  Replicated and ripped off a thousand times over because of it’s innovative and masterful use of design, Marcel Breuer created the world’s first Tubular Steel Chair. While at the Bauhaus Marcel Breuer had a unique philosophy about furnishings and how they suit people and in 1925 Germany this concept was earth shattering. “The furnishings, the […]

Vintage Furniture: Obsessed With Danish Teak Furniture

Danish Teak Furniture - Design Born Of The Bauhaus Era

To be obsessed with Danish Teak Furniture means you are a voyeur of good design, aware of the details, aware of the simplicity and of the ageless craftsmanship that goes into every cut. Danish perfection gave birth to mid-century modern style, from the early choice of rich dark teak wood to the sharp corners and […]

Vintage Shopping: The Art Of Thrifting And Saving Money

Saving Money While Thrifting

Is the hunt all about saving money? Some people shop for vintage fashion to find the rare and unusual score, other people shop for vintage fashion because they are saving money. And the line gets blurry about where vintage hunting starts and where thrifting ends. Let’s try to break it down for you. Related posts: […]

Vintage Hunting: The Unlucky Days

Vintage Radio - The Score That Got Away

Today I set out on a mission today vintage hunting to see what I could dig up at thrift stores, nothing particular in mind like vintage jewelry, just browsing really to so see what fate will throw in my lap. The expectation was low so the possibilities were endless. This is usually when serendipity strikes because […]

Vintage Fashion: A Rally Cry For Vintage

Vintage Boutique Window

There’s a myth that vintage clothing is dirty. We have seen the most even-keeled sensical people walk into a vintage boutique, turn on their heels and walk out as if they’ve seen a ghost. The same people who then cross the street to buy new clothes from a designer label because it’s new. Related posts: […]

Vintage Fashion: My Betsey Johnson Vintage Score

Betsey Johnson Vintage Fashion - 1990s

Vintage Betsey Johnson in the 1990s was a fresh period for fashion. Her choices in color and bold styling in the 1980s through the 1990s was rebellious and youthful, prints with details that are classy and bold  contrasted with accents of color. It’s like she found a way to mix flirtiness with ‘sex-bomb’. And they’re highly collectable. […]

Vintage Postcards: Things We Find in Books

Vintage Postcard from Maine

  Yesterday afternoon I came to be the proud owner of a vintage Postcard from Maine in mint condition, it fell out of a book I found thrifting. I tucked it back in the pages of the book, a french book about Canadian explorers, put the book under my arm and paid my dollar at […]

Vintage Fashion: Grandpa’s Vintage Sunglasses

Grandpa's Vintage Sunglasses - Vintage Ray Ban Style

When grandfather passed away i got a tiny cardboard box from my uncle with random scraps of paper, a little Italian tape measure and this neat pair of vintage sunglasses which were made in China. The detail on the bridge and the style remind me of knock-off Ray Bans from the 1950s.  Related posts: Vintage […]

Vintage Fashion: Pendleton Fashion Since 1909

Vintage Pendleton Pattern

The pacific northwest Oregon is an absolutely beautiful state when you consider the rocks, the trees and the windblown coastline.  It was inhabited by indigenous tribes before traders, explorers, and settlers arrived.  And when we think of classic all american vintage fashion we think of Pendleton Wollen Mill, which opened there in 1909. Their clothing and […]

The Nostalgia of Vintage

Photo by dlundbech

When you shop for vintage does it mean you’re nostalgic? Is vintage shopping a longing for your past? Do antiques and collectables have the power to reconnect you with an idealistic era, you or your family were connected to? Nostalgia has to do with all of it. To be brought back in a time when […]

Vintage Shopping: Florida Antique Flea Markets

Vintage Shopping in Florida, Vintage Jewelry, vintage antiques, vintage coins...tons of scores.

  When you get to Florida the thing you want to do is get outside. The sun, the warmth and the atmosphere make it a great vacation spot when searching for vintage scores. And the best way to experience the Florida outdoors if you are a serious vintage hunter, is Flea Markets. You might even want to stay […]

The Vintage Shopper: What Type Of Shopper Are You?

Vintage Hunters, Vintage Shoppers, Vintage Fashion

There are many unique types of vintage hunters out there, sometimes they stand out and are wearing head to toe vintage, other times they don’t. We have listed a few, you might fit in one of these descriptions, or several descriptions depending on how hardcore you are when it comes to vintage hunting. What type […]