Mens Denim Jacket The 1950s Headlight Railroad Chore

1950s Vintage Denim Chore Jacket by Headlight

  I really don’t need anymore new clothes but then I walked into Klaxon Howl, it was the last day before they were closing their store and vintage was 15% off when I saw a vintage Headlight Railroad Engineers jacket from the 1950s. The name originated from the light at the front of a train on […]

Mens Waterproof Boots 1950’s Ball Band


  Vintage hunters are always on the lookout for a rare find, which is exactly what happened when my friend Derek scored a pair of vintage mens waterproof boots by Ball Band. These were originally made in Mishawaka Indiana around the 1950s the details and history of these boots are what make it interesting. And after examining […]

Vintage Mens Fashion: The Return To Klaxon Howl Part Two

Klaxon Howl Denim Jacket

  Klaxon Howl is a welcome stop along Toronto’s Queen Street west for mens fashion. What makes it special is that Matt Robinson’s own Klaxon Howl boutique label is something of an anomaly, especially when you understand his obsession and respect for the past. It inspires every thought, every pattern and every stitch. In a previous […]

Vintage Mens Fashion: The Return To Klaxon Howl Part One

Klaxon Howl - Vintage Military, Workwear, Vintage Workboots, Vintage label

  I’m on a subway heading west to Klaxon Howl, mens vintage and designer clothing store run by Matt Robinson. Matt is a vintage junkie who collects and sells classic military, navy, hunting and vintage workwear. This inspired his own Klaxon Howl designer label around 2010. It’s a great store. And this is the first time this year I’ve […]