Womens Vintage Leather Moto Jacket by Brimaco

Womens 1960s Vintage Leather Moto Jacket - Brimaco

  As we mentioned in previous articles, finding the perfect vintage leather moto jacket can take years. And when you do finally find one it’s well worth the hunt. Just the other day we walked into our favorite vintage boutique in Toronto, we were just browsing, it was really an opportunity stop in and say […]

Gianni Versace Fashion Designer

Gianni Versace Fashion Designer

  When your eyes examine the Versace logo you feel as if you’ve entered a time warp; classicism, boldness, gods and goddesses, provocation, and sex. So when Gianni Versace fashion designer entered the world of fashion in 1978 with brother Santo as SEO and Donatella designer, their ideas took the industry by storm. Gianni Versace […]

Vintage Handbags: Vintage Chanel Handbag for Weddings

Rare Styled Vintage Chanel Handbag

  This Chanel handbag is part of the secret collection we’ve been documenting on VS, and it’s a rare Chanel handbag we’ve never seen before. We scoured the net till we turned blue and came up empty. It has gorgeous details and the double CC lock. The braided strap with gold chain is to die […]

Vintage Fashion: A Vintage Emilio Pucci Caftan Heaven Does Exist

Vintage Emilio Pucci Caftan

  It’s still summer, hot days are ahead and there is nothing more comfortable and insanely fabulous than wearing a vintage designer Caftan. It’s perfect for sipping Rosé and floating around your backyard admiring the color of every flower. Speaking of flowers, we recently discovered this gorgeous 1960s vintage Emilio Pucci Caftan at Shrimpton Couture’s online […]

Vintage Handbags: The Coveted Vintage Hermes Birkin Bag

Jane Birkin And Her Classic Hermes Birkin Bag

Hard to believe in 1981 the inspiration of the Hermes Birkin Bag was when Jane Birkin’s straw bag spilled from the overhead luggage compartment emptying her contents in the isle of her flight from Paris to London. The serendipity of being seated beside to the watchful eye of Hermes’s chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas certainly helped. […]

Vintage Jewelry: A Secret Collection Of Vintage Chanel Jewelry

Vintage Chanel Collection - Hidden From The World

  Afternoon cocktails with friends last weekend revealed a huge collection of vintage Chanel jewelry and accessories all of it hidden and never worn. Our guests joined us for the long weekend and we had just finished discussing Paul’s history in sales at Chanel when we learned just how much vintage Chanel jewelry and accessories he […]

Vintage Fashion: The Halston Vintage Designer Dress

Halston Heritage Collection Vintage Scores

Halston fashion is synonymous with the 1970s and Studio 54, and eyeballing the look of the Halston Heritage collection today is both a nod to the art and taste of the era but also of great design from a time that has since passed. Related posts: Gianni Versace Fashion Designer Vintage Fashion: A Vintage Emilio […]

Vintage Fashion: Vintage Pucci Dress For Summer

Vintage Pucci Dress From Etsy

As the summer heat is upon us and hot steamy days move in, there is nothing more stylish and comfortable for a woman to wear than a vintage summer dress by Emilio Pucci. The challenge? Finding the perfect vintage Pucci print that is right for you. Related posts: Vintage Fashion: A Vintage Emilio Pucci Caftan Heaven Does […]

Vintage Shopping: Best Rome Vintage Boutique

Vintage Hermes Scarf at Blue Goose in Rome

  Blue Goose is one of the newer additions to Romes vintage boutiques along Via Del Boschetto in Monti. And from the moment you enter the boutique the knowledgeable friendly staff greet you as if you have just entered a hidden pocket of vintage designer gems that nobody else knows about. Right off the start […]

Vintage Wedding: The Hunt For The Perfect Veil

1950s Vintage Crown Veil Found on Etsy

  Are you inspired by the idea and style of a vintage wedding? Are you looking for something that will make a bride stand out? Perfect. And we all know that throwing a wedding is a massive ordeal that costs loads of money. But with so many vintage pop-culture references out there like the Great […]

Vintage Jewelry: Gianni Versace Medusa Bracelet 1980s

Gianni Versace Medusa Bracelet

  The Italian designer Gianni Versace had a fixation with bold statements. His choices were always creative and embodied a circus of color, classicism, and ancient roots of civilization. His 18 carat gold Versace jewelry line with bright gold Medusa heads are beautiful pieces of vintage jewelry. The Medusa bracelets from the 1980s to the early 90s are statement […]

Vintage Fashion: How To Be A Vintage Fashionista On A Budget

How To Be A Vintage Fashionista On A Budget

  How do you become a vintage fashionista on a budget? Obsession, commitment and openness to the ever changing world of fashion. A vintage fashionista stays on top of fashion as it happens, as it existed in the past, while saving money and having fun. This is going to take some work. Fun work. Here are some tips to […]

Vintage Prom: How To Find The Best Prom Dress


  The best prom dress is vintage because it’s memorable, unique, reasonably priced and it stands out. Why dress like everyone else? Make it a vintage prom. And who wants to wear the same dress as everyone else?! A vintage dress is a unique choice for a prom and is a perfect occasion for finding an extra special dress. Why vintage? It adds […]

Vintage Jewelry: Womens 1960s Jaeger-LeCoultre Wristwatch

1960s Vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch

A womans diamond wristwatch by Jaeger-LeCoultre has the power and precision to stop your heart. Gold hinged basket-weave cuff, fixed with a circular cocktail watch, framed with a border of stunning-cut diamonds signed Jaeger-LeCoultre and numbered with assay marks in french. You won’t find one of these laying around, maybe at Sotheby’s under lock and key. Related posts: Vintage […]

Vintage Shopping: Tips For Buying Vintage On Craigslist

Vintage 80s Suede Leather Heels

With spring right around the corner spring cleaning is right behind it. It is the perfect time of year for people to purge and eliminate unwanted things and for the vintage hunter, it is peak season for finding great vintage on Craigslist. Related posts: Online Vintage Shopping Experience Has Exploded The Vintage Shopper: What Type […]

Online Vintage Shopping Experience Has Exploded

Vintage Shopping Evolved

  Finding online vintage fashion is evolving rapidly, and depending on the type of vintage hunter you are it can be an especially exciting time to find vintage fashion online. Post-recession mood is wearing off and people are paying more attention to the details again. The antiquity, style and nostalgia we all adore can be appreciated […]

Vintage Shopping: The Art Of Thrifting And Saving Money

Saving Money While Thrifting

Is the hunt all about saving money? Some people shop for vintage fashion to find the rare and unusual score, other people shop for vintage fashion because they are saving money. And the line gets blurry about where vintage hunting starts and where thrifting ends. Let’s try to break it down for you. Related posts: […]

Vintage Fashion: Vintage Hermes Kelly Bag 1956

The Hermes Kelly Bag, Vintage Luxury

The vintage Hermes Kelly Bag is what celebrity status looked like in 1956. It was an ageless luxury and one of the most iconic bags of the twentieth century. Originally designed by Robert Dumas-Hermès in 1930 as an accessory for the automobile, it was something both exquisite and practical.  Related posts: Vintage Fashion: A Womens Vintage […]

Vintage Fashion: A Rally Cry For Vintage

Vintage Boutique Window

There’s a myth that vintage clothing is dirty. We have seen the most even-keeled sensical people walk into a vintage boutique, turn on their heels and walk out as if they’ve seen a ghost. The same people who then cross the street to buy new clothes from a designer label because it’s new. Related posts: […]

Vintage Fashion: My Betsey Johnson Vintage Score

Betsey Johnson Vintage Fashion - 1990s

Vintage Betsey Johnson in the 1990s was a fresh period for fashion. Her choices in color and bold styling in the 1980s through the 1990s was rebellious and youthful, prints with details that are classy and bold  contrasted with accents of color. It’s like she found a way to mix flirtiness with ‘sex-bomb’. And they’re highly collectable. […]

Vintage Fashion: How To Hunt For Vintage Shoes

Vintage Italian Shoes

Some of the best vintage scores go on your feet, you could choose to buy something new however where’s the fun in that. If style and originality are import to you, make your feet happy with a great pair of vintage shoes. Related posts: How To Hunt For Vintage Mens Oxford Shirts Vintage Shopping: Rome […]

Vintage Fashion: The Ultimate Vintage Chanel Handbag

Vintage Chanel Handbag

  Handbags are statement jewellery, especially the vintage Chanel 2.55 classic flap handbag. Karl Lagerfeld was quoted as saying “we create a product nobody needs, but people want.” Chanel from the 1980s – 1990s were truly exceptional years and an iconic period for vintage Chanel. Some of the most sought after bags from this era are due to a combination […]

Vintage Fashion: Pendleton Fashion Since 1909

Vintage Pendleton Pattern

The pacific northwest Oregon is an absolutely beautiful state when you consider the rocks, the trees and the windblown coastline.  It was inhabited by indigenous tribes before traders, explorers, and settlers arrived.  And when we think of classic all american vintage fashion we think of Pendleton Wollen Mill, which opened there in 1909. Their clothing and […]

How to Spot Art Deco Vintage Jewelry

Superb Quality 1930s German Art Deco Brooch.

  Known as one of the most formative periods in vintage jewelry design, Jewelry art was never stronger than the 1930s – 1940s Art Deco. So where do you even start looking for Art Deco jewelry? We wanted to provide you with some background and tips to get you going. And with a little history and some […]

The Nostalgia of Vintage

Photo by dlundbech

When you shop for vintage does it mean you’re nostalgic? Is vintage shopping a longing for your past? Do antiques and collectables have the power to reconnect you with an idealistic era, you or your family were connected to? Nostalgia has to do with all of it. To be brought back in a time when […]

Vintage Shopping: Florida Antique Flea Markets

Vintage Shopping in Florida, Vintage Jewelry, vintage antiques, vintage coins...tons of scores.

  When you get to Florida the thing you want to do is get outside. The sun, the warmth and the atmosphere make it a great vacation spot when searching for vintage scores. And the best way to experience the Florida outdoors if you are a serious vintage hunter, is Flea Markets. You might even want to stay […]

The Vintage Shopper: What Type Of Shopper Are You?

Vintage Hunters, Vintage Shoppers, Vintage Fashion

There are many unique types of vintage hunters out there, sometimes they stand out and are wearing head to toe vintage, other times they don’t. We have listed a few, you might fit in one of these descriptions, or several descriptions depending on how hardcore you are when it comes to vintage hunting. What type […]

Vintage Shopping: Corner Store, Saint Paul Minnesota

Corner Store Vintage Leather Jackets

Sometimes curiosity can take you to some incredible cities for vintage hunting, each city has it’s own hunting spots and some are not easy to find, but if you ask locals in Minneapolis where the best vintage is, most will point you to St. Pauls. The people there are super friendly and the area is really inspiring […]