Vintage Wedding: The Hunt For The Perfect Veil


Are you inspired by the idea and style of a vintage wedding? Are you looking for something that will make a bride stand out? Perfect. And we all know that throwing a wedding is a massive ordeal that costs loads of money. But with so many vintage pop-culture references out there like the Great Gatsby and Mad Men or Downton Abbey you can easily get inspiration for a period or a style to base your dress on or simply accessorize it.

Vintage Wedding Veil - Found On Etsy

Start small without spending very much money, focus on a vintage wedding veil. With most gowns something as simple as a vintage veil completes your look and makes it memorable. It adds that classic flair to a wedding that will draw attention to you and add a focal point for a photograph. A veil get’s you noticed and adds a mystique and mood. When else do you have the occasion to wear something this extravagant?

It’s not always about the dress although many would disagree, we think it’s about how you accessorize your wedding and make it your own. Get yourself inspired by the idea of accessorizing and make it vintage wedding. Start searching on Etsy for vintage veils there are plenty out there that are unique – we’ve featured a couple of spectacular ones on here but there are many more great options that should get your heart racing. Happy hunting!

The featured vintage crown veil for this article is for sale here on etsy get it while you can!


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