Vintage Wedding: The Chanel Wedding Dress That Broke Tradition

The rebirth of Chanel happened in the 1980s when Karl Lagerfeld made his finest decisions, it was a period when a simple Chanel dress blossomed and evolved. And it seemed everything Karl touched turned to shimmering jewels. Especially the decision to create the Chanel wedding dress (the silk wrap gown) which was a huge transformation for the category.


Finding a vintage Chanel dress isn’t easy and even if you do find one it can be especially frustrating when it doesn’t fit. The beauty of the Chanel silk wrap is that it can be somewhat forgiving for a womans figure. It’s a perfect wedding dress in so many ways because it’s so simple, versatile and unconventional.

Chanel Wedding Dress - Silk Wrap Gown

Chanel Wedding Dress – Silk Wrap Gown

When traditionally a wedding gown needed to be adorned with flowing affixations and embroidered detail, Karl Lagerfeld broke the mold and in the 1980s this statement created a whole new category not to mention a revolutionary new Chanel dress.

Karl (The Revolutionary) Lagerfeld 1980

Karl Lagerfeld 1980

Hunting for this Chanel gown reveals prices that range from $1000 to $3500 – in beautiful condition. The details are wonderful upon examination, and the simplicity of its’ design, to die for.

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