Vintage Wedding Dresses From The 1940s – 1970s


We wanted to highlight some fundamental styles of vintage wedding dresses to prepare you for your hunt, this simple guide covers the basics of 1940s through to the 1970s vintage wedding dresses.

1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses

Practicality was in fashion for 1940s wedding dresses. This was a result of World War II, clothing was basic, silk was replaced by man-made Rayon and every aspect of garment construction was paired down the the essential. There was little or no money and simplicity was in.

1950s Vintage Wedding Dresses

1950s vintage wedding dresses


The beginning of the 1950s were dominated by a whole new style and look. Christian Dior wedding dresses paved the way celebrating the hourglass silhouette. As well Crinoline underskirts were popular because they added fullness and shape to a wedding dress. Style was beginning to flourish and the shape of a woman’s body was accentuated.

1960s Vintage Wedding Dresses

1960s vintage wedding dress

Freedom, experimentation and rebelliousness was the theme. Floral patterns in white, hemlines shorter, and the cut and lines on wedding dress were simplified even more. And no surprise the miniskirt was born.

1970s Vintage Wedding Dresses

1970s vintage wedding dresses

The 1970s spawned a bohemian punk, and glam rock obsession. Disco dancing was the norm and the release of Saturday Night Fever marked a new era. Designers like Halston thrived and we started to see ivory lace and bust cuffs.

Good luck finding your own vintage wedding dress. With a little research and by asking the right questions, you can find a classic look, and even create a themed wedding based around a period of your liking.


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