Vintage Watches: W10 Smiths Military Watch


Ending a centuries old tradition of fine British watchmaking, the Smiths Military watch was the last of it’s kind. Vintage Military watches made by the British are not easy to find in mint condition, however Smiths military were manufactured to be one of the best in that era. As a testament to Smiths craftsmanship these watches were worn on the very first Mount Everest expedition.

Smiths Military Watch Inside

By the seventies production of these military watches came to an end and Smiths Instrument Company halted manufacturing watches altogether. Watch experts have cited that the functionality, design, and movement was influenced by Jaeger LeCoultre the Swiss experts of watchmaking. In financial trouble, Smiths military watches sold to Timex who destroyed the tooling and all parts.


The manual-wind watch was made with a luminous material called Tritium and acrylic crystal. The details and markings are incredibly unique and the design is simple for a vintage military watch. The Arrow on the dial and case-back represent British Crown Property. This is a rugged and unique watch that ended British watchmaking and is a thing of beauty on your wrist.

Smiths Military Watch - Hand-wind

Smiths Military Watch – Hand-wind

Best of luck finding a Smiths W10 military watch with the original strap intact and unmarked Tritium acrylic crystal, they are still out there hiding if you have an inclination to dig.


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