Vintage Watches: Omega SeaMaster The Ultimate Vintage Dive Watch

“Best diving watches” is best summarized by a name: SeaMaster. And it was started in 1947 by a company called Omega when they built the original ultimate dive watch. With so many models and numbers under the SeaMaster moniker however how do you know where to start looking? Our advice would be to start from the bottom – 1947 – and float to the top stopping in around 1980. The sweet spot for the best SeaMaster designs being the 1960s to the early 1970s.

SeaMaster has got a 200 series a 300 series (if you’re a fan of James Bond this number should ring a bell) all the way to the 1000 series for the Jacques Cousteau in you. Each number represents the depth a SeaMaster can take. The detail that went into these swiss made watches is unparalleled considering how much external pressure they take underwater – only second of course to the Omega Space Proof Moon Watch that was made for exciting orbit but we won’t go there.

The craftsmanship all the way down to the luminescence of a SeaMaster dial is art. Built like tanks and coveted the world over SeaMaster luxury watches garner attention and obsession. If you doubt this worldwide draw search ‘Omega SeaMaster forums’ and you’ll see just how many collectors pine over every detail, every gold fleck, and every hint of luminescence.

1964 SeaMaster 300

1964 SeaMaster 300

The SeaMaster is not an amateur watch if you’ve just begun your search. It may takes years to own one. If perhaps you’d like a more of an entry level SeaMaster, check the 300 second hand and expect to pay $400-$1000 for on in used condition. The nice thing about this price range is that you can still find one from the 1960s and not spend an arm and a leg to get it on your wrist.

We certainly understand that urge to own a 1969 SeaMaster 200 replete with banana dial, and how much it hurts to not have the $3000. In which case you can always sell your rare Danish Teak dining room set, or that whole shelf of original Miles Davis mono pressings!

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