Vintage Vinyl: Vinyl Hunting – When To Hold Em’ And When To Fold Em’

Hunting for vintage vinyl is an artform and a waiting game. Records come and go and some are harder to find than others. It can be a painful experience when you finally do come across that vinyl record you have your heart set on only to find out that it is $50 or $100. And you begin to ask yourself a lot of questions. Do you walk away and hope it will appear again? Trade for something else? or splurge and go without groceries this week? Tough questions for a vinyl hunter. And I know many that went without groceries.


Having a friend who works in one of the best record stores in the city is a blessing and a curse. I get text messages occasionally like: “Guided By Voices 1st EP rare vintage vinyl record, priced only a second ago, rare as they come, want it?!” I could have easily answered “yes” but the price was too high, and as much as I wanted it, today I said no. Sure I had second thoughts, I went back through my mp3s after that text just to hear the record again in it’s digital glory (which isn’t much glory you’re an audiophile) and dream about the record that got away. But then I move on.

Sometimes vintage vinyl hunting is just as much about self control as it is about having that mint condition, rare as they come, vinyl record. Kenny Rogers put it best “know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold em.”

You’re bound to get something rare and at a decent price too if you just keep hunting. Best of luck on your vintage vinyl hunt, we know you’ll find something great.

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