Vintage Vinyl Records

Record collectors find the most interesting things in their journey through the bins of a record store or vintage shop. These are some highlights of digging for vintage vinyl.

Vintage Vinyl: Big Star 3rd Original LP

Big Star - 3rd Original LP - Vintage Vinyl

What makes Big Star’s “3rd” so collectable? It wasn’t accepted by any major label. Not only did Big Star (Alex Chilton’s baby) not receive critical acclaim when they started, they just simply faded away. Here are some responses from major labels to Jim the owner of Ardent Studios who recorded Big Star: ‘Jim, I find this […]

Vintage Shopping: Tips For Buying Vintage On Craigslist

Vintage 80s Suede Leather Heels

With spring right around the corner spring cleaning is right behind it. It is the perfect time of year for people to purge and eliminate unwanted things and for the vintage hunter, it is peak season for finding great vintage on Craigslist. Related posts: Online Vintage Shopping Experience Has Exploded The Vintage Shopper: What Type […]

Vintage Shopping: Second Thoughts About A Vintage Radio

Vintage Normende Caruso Dual 1007 - German made from 1960

  The Nordmende Caruso und Dual 1007 is a vintage radio and vinyl record player from 1960, that almost got away. You’ve been there before, you see something that catches your eye then hesitate and get distracted. This sort of thing usually happens at the end of a good vintage hunt when you’re tired or miss lunch. And […]

Vintage Vinyl: How To Check Cheap Vinyl Records

Vintage Vinyl Gordon Lightfoots first Album.

The thing with hunting for vintage vinyl records is that, even if the record is in pristine looking condition without a scratch on it, there is still a chance it will skip. Unless you spend time examining records under a microscope, trust me I’ve seen it done, you take your chances when looking for old […]

The Nostalgia of Vintage

Photo by dlundbech

When you shop for vintage does it mean you’re nostalgic? Is vintage shopping a longing for your past? Do antiques and collectables have the power to reconnect you with an idealistic era, you or your family were connected to? Nostalgia has to do with all of it. To be brought back in a time when […]

Vintage Shopping: Florida Antique Flea Markets

Vintage Shopping in Florida, Vintage Jewelry, vintage antiques, vintage coins...tons of scores.

  When you get to Florida the thing you want to do is get outside. The sun, the warmth and the atmosphere make it a great vacation spot when searching for vintage scores. And the best way to experience the Florida outdoors if you are a serious vintage hunter, is Flea Markets. You might even want to stay […]

The Vintage Shopper: What Type Of Shopper Are You?

Vintage Hunters, Vintage Shoppers, Vintage Fashion

There are many unique types of vintage hunters out there, sometimes they stand out and are wearing head to toe vintage, other times they don’t. We have listed a few, you might fit in one of these descriptions, or several descriptions depending on how hardcore you are when it comes to vintage hunting. What type […]

Vintage Shopping: Webster Westside Flea Market, Florida


  For over 50 years Webster Westside Flea Market has been the the premiere flea market and vintage shopping mecca in Florida. With over 40 acres and 2000 tables for as far as the eye can see you can discover just about anything you ever imagined that’s vintage, from vintage books, vintage jewelry, vintage fashion, vintage […]

Vintage Records: Quirky Vintage Vinyl

Calling The Wild Turkey

When digging for vintage vinyl records you discover the strangest things, typical record bins are overrun with Billy Joel Glass Houses or James Last vinyl and things you see a lot. Most vinyl collectors have to sift through tons of bad vinyl just to find the good stuff. Occasionally you get an old Johnny Cash […]