Vintage Vinyl: How To Clean Vinyl Records In 3 Easy Steps

So you started collecting vinyl and now you’ve got the bug. Or maybe you’ve been a vinyl junkie since Janis Joplin was singing her guts out in diapers and you’ve amassed a whole garage full. Either way all you want to know is “what’s the best and easiest way to clean my vinyl?” Glad you asked.

A brief history of the “3 step method” starts with a man named Aaron Keele. His father owned the first ever collectible record store in Canada Aaron followed his footsteps years later opening his own shop called TuneUp off Danforth Ave – sadly defunct [tears]. However one day (of many, I was there an unspeakable amount of times) back in 2003, I open the door to TuneUp and see Aaron dutifully cleaning records. I asked him “Aaron, what is the best way to clean vinyl?” and here’s what he said:

How To Clean Vinyl Records In 3 Easy Steps

How To Clean Vinyl Records In 3 Easy Steps

Aaron Keele’s 3 Steps To Cleaning Vinyl Records

Step 1. Get a bucket of warm water and add a few drops of dish soap

Step 2. Soak the cloth, rinse it out, and wipe the record in a circular motion following the grooves

Step 3. For drying, a simple wave of the hand with a record in it will do the trick

Today Aaron is one of the biggest and best vinyl dealers in Toronto maybe even Canada, if you ask us. Next time you’re in Toronto you might want to check out one of his record shows they’re amazing.


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