Vintage Vinyl: Big Star 3rd Original LP

What makes Big Star’s “3rd” so collectable? It wasn’t accepted by any major label. Not only did Big Star (Alex Chilton’s baby) not receive critical acclaim when they started, they just simply faded away. Here are some responses from major labels to Jim the owner of Ardent Studios who recorded Big Star: ‘Jim, I find this music very disturbing.’ And yet another: ‘Jim, I hope I don’t have to listen to this again.”

Big Star - 3rd Original LP - Vintage Vinyl

Big Star – 3rd Original LP – Vintage Vinyl

In 1978 Big Star 3rd started getting released by tiny labels in the UK, US and even in Japan, in two very different versions. The response was spotty, the low key distribution and overnight slump just added to Big Stars decline in the public eye. The cover art and promotion itself was low budget which is why this record is so coveted. $18-$250 is a broad range in terms of price for this LP, the highest being an un-played version of the record.

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