Vintage Vinyl: 1969 The Best Of Buffalo Springfield Original Pressing


Southern California rock and roll in the 60s exploded when Neil Young and Steven Stills reunited in traffic on the sunset strip, and formed the band Buffalo Springfield. Touring the Catskills, the south, and doing the club circuit in LA, the Springfield developed a devoted following and right at the peak of their stardom, with only one album under their belt, they folded.

Buffalo Springfield - Vintage Vinyl

So why did they release a retrospective? They were prolific  – for a band with one official album – and the culmination of their collected recordings came together nicely in Retrospective – The Best of Buffalo Springfield. It’s a perfect cross section of the massive talent and songwriting skills of Young and Stills.

Start a warm fire, put the needle on the record, lay back and absorb this retrospective journey into the past, of Topanga Canyon parties, stretch limos, and too many drugs. With Neil Young Stephen Stills, Richie Furry Bruce Palmer and Dewey Martin. They left a massive mark in rock and roll history even if it was short lived. This is one vintage vinyl record you will want in your collection.

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