Vintage Vacation: Vintage Gucci Heaven, The Gucci Museum Italy

With so many things to do in Florence Italy, the Gucci Museum is often overlooked. It’s worth taking an hour to visit this vintage Gucci heaven. And Gucci started in Florence! For 6 euros this is a must for vintage lovers. When we arrived we were told not to take pictures, but because there were so many vintage handbags, vintage dresses and vintage shoes, we had to. Covertly.

The Gucci Museum in Florence is home to the largest collection of vintage Gucci in the world. It showcases the greatest periods of Gucci fashion and is a vintage hunters paradise for Gucci history. All of the vintage Gucci you see there is in absolutely mint condition, from the very first bags that Gucci made when he was a hotel doorman in Florence to the dresses worn at the Academy Awards red carpet.

Vintage Gucci Handbags - Gucci Museum FL Italy

Vintage Gucci Handbags – Gucci Museum FL Italy

Every floor has something different. It is so well put together and curated it’s the level you’d expect from Gucci.  From the first floor describing the history of Guccio Gucci featuring his original Gucci travel-ware and accessories to the full on custom Gucci Cadillac in the middle of the floor. Upstairs you’ll see Flora World when Gucci was inspired by floral patterns in the 1960s to the vintage Gucci bamboo purses and horsebit which are to die for.

Vintage Gucci Cadillac Seville

Vintage Gucci Cadillac Seville

Vintage Gucci Travelware - Gucci Musem Fl Italy

Vintage Gucci Travelware – Gucci Musem Fl Italy

When we got to the vintage Gucci handbags we were snapping photos with our iphone and a security guard who looked like Stephen Segul with an ear piece, began watching our every move. So we put the phone down and started taking in the history. With patterned vintage Gucci handbags, cases and jackets with the GG Tondo, GG Diagonale and GG Mingnon all in one place was an eye catching experience.

The next time you plan a trip to Italy visit the Gucci Museum in Florence. It is in the center of a beautiful square and if you have a little extra time there is an indoor cafe and lovely outdoor patio, to extend the Gucci experience. Be warned. It’s hard to leave without fantasizing about a vintage Gucci handbag of your own.

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