Vintage Sunglasses: How To Buy Vintage Sunglasses For Men

Roy Orbison Glasses - Vintage Sunglasses

  When buying vintage sunglasses it helps if you have a particular period in mind before you start, for example a hollywood actor from the 1950s, or a musician who wore a style you dig like Roy Orbison. Even if you have a designer in mind like Gianni Versace. Anything goes as long as it […]

Vintage Shopping: Best Rome Vintage Boutique

Vintage Hermes Scarf at Blue Goose in Rome

  Blue Goose is one of the newer additions to Romes vintage boutiques along Via Del Boschetto in Monti. And from the moment you enter the boutique the knowledgeable friendly staff greet you as if you have just entered a hidden pocket of vintage designer gems that nobody else knows about. Right off the start […]

Vintage Sunglasses: Original Buddy Holly Style Frames

Vintage Sunglasses, Vintage Buddy Holly Glasses

  The death of a rock star creates an enormous void especially when that famous rock star wears vintage Buddy Holly glasses. Buddy Holly asked his Optometrist for the most inconspicuous frames he could find. His optometrist on the other hand was of a different mind and quelled his inhibitions about having to wear glasses. And when away on vacation in […]

Online Vintage Shopping Experience Has Exploded

Vintage Shopping Evolved

  Finding online vintage fashion is evolving rapidly, and depending on the type of vintage hunter you are it can be an especially exciting time to find vintage fashion online. Post-recession mood is wearing off and people are paying more attention to the details again. The antiquity, style and nostalgia we all adore can be appreciated […]

Vintage Shopping: The Art Of Thrifting And Saving Money

Saving Money While Thrifting

Is the hunt all about saving money? Some people shop for vintage fashion to find the rare and unusual score, other people shop for vintage fashion because they are saving money. And the line gets blurry about where vintage hunting starts and where thrifting ends. Let’s try to break it down for you. Related posts: […]

Vintage Fashion: Grandpa’s Vintage Sunglasses

Grandpa's Vintage Sunglasses - Vintage Ray Ban Style

When grandfather passed away i got a tiny cardboard box from my uncle with random scraps of paper, a little Italian tape measure and this neat pair of vintage sunglasses which were made in China. The detail on the bridge and the style remind me of knock-off Ray Bans from the 1950s.  Related posts: Vintage […]