Vintage Sunglasses: Original Buddy Holly Style Frames


The death of a rock star creates an enormous void especially when that famous rock star wears vintage Buddy Holly glasses. Buddy Holly asked his Optometrist for the most inconspicuous frames he could find. His optometrist on the other hand was of a different mind and quelled his inhibitions about having to wear glasses. And when away on vacation in Mexico City he found Buddy the most monumentally memorable frames he could handle vintage Faiosa glasses.

Vintage Sunglasses - Buddy Holly Glasses

It isn’t easy finding vintage glasses from the 1950s that are intact and in decent shape, let alone Faiosa frames. Little know fact: you can still find loads of vintage glasses and vintage sunglasses still in Mexico City if you go digging around. And if you’re lucky you might find an original pair of the famous Buddy Holly glasses made by Faiosa, the reason being is that there are still stockpiles of vintage glasses in Mexico. But there won’t be much longer.


In fact most digging is for not, we stumbled across a pair that has long expired on Etsy sold by THAYER that were original Buddy Holly style glasses that were being sold as rare vintage sunglasses circa 1960. This is the closest we could come to finding anything close to an original pair of Faiosa’s. These frames are very distinct if you examine the shape.

After the plane crash in 1959 that killed him, his glasses were thrown from the crash site. Only until spring when the snow melted did they finally find them. Today these vintage glasses are on display at the Buddy Holly museum. Which is kind of creepy, and cool.

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