Vintage Sunglasses: How To Buy Vintage Sunglasses For Men


When buying vintage sunglasses it helps if you have a particular period in mind before you start, for example a hollywood actor from the 1950s, or a musician who wore a style you dig like Roy Orbison. Even if you have a designer in mind like Gianni Versace. Anything goes as long as it helps you get ideas to get your search started.

Roy Orbison Glasses - Vintage Sunglasses


Styles A Man Must Know Before Buying Vintage Sunglasses

Wayfarer – A very popular style because it’s classic, every guy can wear them and it’s something you can dress up or down in. They are recognizable by the plastic frames with sharp corners like Roy Orbison’s above.

Aviator – Not every guy can pull them off but try them and see how they feel, the teardrop shape is a classic style and a standard shade for a lot of guys. Why? Because you mean business with them on. Think Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver. If the teardrop shape doesn’t work, try the more square variations out there also very cool.

Hunter S. Thompson - Classic Avaitor

Clubman – Plastic up top and on the arms, metal below. These classic sunglasses are 1950s all the way and give you that refined look with edge.

Malcolm X - Clubman Style Frames

The Round – The hippie rock and roll rebel in you may need to break out, try this John Lennon classic on to see whether they suit your face. These tend to work well if you have a narrow head.

John Lennon - Classic Round Sunglasses

The best place to find vintage sunglasses is online at places like Vintage Sunglasses Shop. There is a ton of selection, they are reputable and the glasses are authentic. If you are patient and can wait for the right sunglasses, Etsy is also a great stop for vintage sunglasses.


Try out any number of these 4 styles we listed above at a local sunglass store first, note which style feels right for you face, and remember it. That way you know ahead of time what works and what doesn’t before purchasing online. Good luck, we hope you find some great frames to match your style!

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    Hey, this is a great post indeed. I like the simple explanation of the styles.

    Personally I love the aviator style but it’s so true it doesnt fit to every face… Feeling like Tom Cruise in Top Gun is not for everyone :) lol

    I love the blog too… is there any way to follow it? I was looking for RSS feeds but didnt find it…


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