Vintage Shopping: Webster Westside Flea Market, Florida


For over 50 years Webster Westside Flea Market has been the the premiere flea market and vintage shopping mecca in Florida. With over 40 acres and 2000 tables for as far as the eye can see you can discover just about anything you ever imagined that’s vintage, from vintage books, vintage jewelry, vintage fashion, vintage vinyl, vintage road signs; mark Monday in your calendar because hunting here can last the whole day, and you will want to come back because each week is something completely different.


I can’t overemphasize the range of vintage items hiding in boxes, on tables or tucked behind vintage antiques. Visit the vendors and ask a few questions and chat them up, because the conversation can be quite entertaining and teach you a lot about what to look for. Plus you’ll meet some very interesting collectors who collect for a living to boot. Vendors travel from all over the country to get to Webster and spare no expense, towing trailers and filling trunks. One gentleman last year had three tables covered with vintage children’s toys, vintage tin wind up toys, vintage Tonka toys for sale, from every period and at every price. He had been collecting boats since his childhood and you could tell by the number of toys he had and his table and the look in his eye when he talked about them.

Looking for vintage postcards? Vintage Florida postcards? Vintage Florida postcards addressed, signed and dated from the 1940s? Start digging and you’ll find a handful. Last year we scoured around at a table which at first glance looked like a bunch of useless junk to find a blackened, vintage butter dish and paid only 15 dollars. Polishing silver of that age revealed a gorgeous detailed and decorative dish from the 1940s that had been hiding behind a dirty coat for close to 50 years. What a score. And if you like to barter and are open to negotiating you can get even better deals, just ask.


One of the best parts about Webster’s is that the people are fun to watch and listen to. Eavesdrop, you’ll hear stories from all over the country, with some of the best people watching in the southern United States. People of all shapes, sizes and walks of life, come from miles around to see what they can find here. One year we met a guy in a tie dye shirt with a van packed to the brim with vinyl records, in fact it was so full he barely had air in the tires. He reached in the back and pulled out a rare Beatles vinyl record in mint condition, it was the white album but pressed with clear red vinyl. And it wasn’t long before a passerby heard the story and scooped it up.

A final word about Webster’s before you go, leave early in the morning to save yourself plenty of time for hunting, that way you can be the first at the tables for early vintage scores. Also check the weather forecast, depending on the season you can get extremely windy days, hot days, and in the winter cold days – not fun, but if you’re a vintage enthusiast even the cold won’t stop you. The majority of the flea market is outdoors so dress for it and wear plenty of sunscreen if it’s a hot day. We hope you can make it to Webster’s it is one of our favorite vintage spots in the United States, good luck hunting you are certain to discover loads of one-of-a-kind-scores in this famous Florida hot-spot.

Address: 516 Northwest 3rd Street, Webster, FL 33597
Phone:(352) 793-9877
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