Vintage Shopping: The Personal Touch Of Independent Vintage Stores


It’s Superbowl sunday and the city is a-buzz, but before the party starts it’s time for a stroll to check out some vintage stores. Penny Arcade on Dundas Street west in Toronto, is a great local vintage store that specializes in tasteful women’s and mens wear, leather bags, shoes, dresses, scarves and gloves. Always a great spot with choice vintage items and tasty colors. Plus they make these little hand-written notes attached to their price tags; there is nothing like a touch of charm added to the vintage buying experience.

Vintage Shopping - Personalized Note Attached

Vintage Ralph Lauren - Great Personalized Sales Tag


Just down the road we stop in to Monkey’s Paw, a vintage bookstore renowned for it’s odd and rare books – and now more recently a strange new book machine in the back that dispenses “Old & Unusual” books.

Monkey's Paw - Biblio-Mat, put $2 in, you never know what you'll get!

It’s a great bookstore filled with rare oddball pulp and literature, mostly things you’ve never seen before. We find a first print of a Richard Bradugan’s ‘So the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away’ 1981. Or this other great book from 1918 “100 Rules About The Railroad” inside the front cover is another charming note from the owner.

Exploring local vintage stores is fun especially when you discover charm and personality just under the surface. If you get a chance, check out Penny Arcade and Monkey’s Paw. They’re only a block apart and support your local vintage stores.


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