Vintage Shopping: The Art Of Thrifting And Saving Money

Is the hunt all about saving money? Some people shop for vintage fashion to find the rare and unusual score, other people shop for vintage fashion because they are saving money. And the line gets blurry about where vintage hunting starts and where thrifting ends. Let’s try to break it down for you.

In today’s economy when everyone is saving money there is no greater thrill than finding something practically new, for a tenth of the cost because you’re thrifting. The other week we discovered a great pair of Bluntstone boots size 10.5 worn maybe once, we hadn’t planned on saving money, but for only $19 we saved a lot. A new pair will cost you $180 so we were pretty thrilled. How often does something like this happen? Depends how much you thrift.


When thrifting you can find so many practical things like a great set of tumbler glasses, cookware, utensils and bowls. Even designer clothing like Polo, Hilfiger, GAP for $5 or $10. And why not buy a whole new wardrobe while you’re at it! Saving money this way means that seven of these $10 items will equal the price of one new one. So is it called thrifting or vintage hunting? We think it’s both.

Saving Money While Thrifting

Saving Money While Thrifting

Saving money now means you can loosen up the purse strings and start to have fun. And frequenting your local thrift store doesn’t seem all that unrealistic. Going more often opens you up to the possibility of spotting a great vintage handbag, antique radio, or silverware while you scour the racks for all those practical things because you’re in the zone of saving money.

We know that any excuse for a vintage hunter to discover something great while saving money, is a good one. Best of luck thrifting, we know you’ll be saving cash and discovering something great while you’re at it!

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