Vintage Shopping: Summer And A Classic Coca-Cola Cooler From The 1960s


Some of the finest classic Coca-Cola collectables are the most practical ones. Rather than purchasing a rare antique that will sit on a shelf or hang on a wall gathering dust, this story is about one that you can use. There’s no better way to meet friends or arrive at a vacation home with a nostalgic nod to the past in your tight grip, filled with cold drinks for everyone in a classic Coca-Cola cooler.

1960s Classic Coca-Cola Cooler - Made For Summer

Vintage Coca-Cola memorabilia is not difficult to find there are a ton of old signs, drink trays, bottles and giant refrigerators out there, enough to fill a hundred airport hangars, and still have room left for the trucks. But most of it isn’t practical which is what makes owning an original cooler so fun. You don’t have to worry about whether you need an electrician to rewire it or if it’s environmentally safe to hook up because the freon inside is fifty years old. You just use it.

1960s Classic Coca-Cola Cooler - Made For Summer

Open. Drop some ice in it. Fill it with your prefered summer beverage. And clip the lid shut on your simple classic Coca-Cola cooler and go. They were built from a period when things got dropped a lot. Like coolers. So they’re tough. But most of all they are a big red beacon from your past that screams 1960s when you carry it up the path to the front door of your hosts party.


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