Vintage Shopping: Second Thoughts About A Vintage Radio


The Nordmende Caruso und Dual 1007 is a vintage radio and vinyl record player from 1960, that almost got away. You’ve been there before, you see something that catches your eye then hesitate and get distracted. This sort of thing usually happens at the end of a good vintage hunt when you’re tired or miss lunch. And your mind begins to wander. You regret your decision later when you learn how rare the item was. And like any rational person with a knack for finding collectables, you dream about the score that got away. It happens to the best us.

Vintage Radio - The Score That Got Away

In this very state we stumbled across a Nordmende Caruso Dual 1007 vintage radio in a suburban thrift store at the end of a long day. It was only $60. It stood out amongst old furniture because it was an exceptional piece of antique german technology. It had knobs and buttons that said things like “Brilliance, Presence” and “Marine Band” on the radio dial. Yet somehow indifferent we were thinking “it’s too big…how will we carry it…this isn’t practical…and what if it doesn’t work?” turned and walked the other way. The next morning curiosity took over and we did some research when we realized how rare it was. We immediately dialed the thrift store clerk who answered  “still here but no plug” we said “Perfect, we’ll be there in two hours!”


After hanging up the phone we realized there was no way we could transport the item because we don’t have a vehicle, and also what if it didn’t work? We’ll take that chance. One phone call later, a very generous friend drove us to the thrift store. Examining it, we began searching for a power cord, opened the door to the Dual turntable underneath and there it was! We carried it over to a power outlet plugged it in and turned the dial. A few noises and pops, then the most incredible jazz started pouring out of the speakers the sound warm and rich, something only an old tube amplifier could create and we knew it was a keeper.

We loaded the Nordmende Caruso into the trunk of the Chevy, tucked the electrical cord in and shut it. And at that moment we knew it was worth the fight.

Best of luck out there and don’t be afraid to have second thoughts, usually they’re right!

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