Vintage Shopping: Rome and Florence Vintage Boutique Adventures


Over the past week we have packed our bags and flown to Italy to visit Rome and Florence to see the sights and [wink] shop for some Italian vintage designer clothes. We want to see what the vintage fashion scene is like in Italy and learn what a vintage hunter should expect hitting the cobblestone streets on foot.

We’re on the lookout for a mix of Italian vintage and European vintage, handbags, scarves, boots and clothes from the best designers. And we generally want to find some great scores. Any Italian vintage leather scores that might be hiding or all else, we’ll uncover and turn the town upside down until we find them. Along the way we will give you tips and insights to help you search-out where the best vintage designer clothes are found in Rome and Florence and what vintage designer clothes to keep an eye out look for.


Currently we are in Florence watching rain fall on the city’s clay tiled roofs. We are just halfway into our trip and have lots to tell. And there is still much digging to do, so stay tuned for our VS series on Rome and Florence vintage shopping and until then ciao!

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