Vintage Shopping: Florida Antique Flea Markets


When you get to Florida the thing you want to do is get outside. The sun, the warmth and the atmosphere make it a great vacation spot when searching for vintage scores. And the best way to experience the Florida outdoors if you are a serious vintage hunter, is Flea Markets. You might even want to stay near the ocean and take day trips if you feel like making a vacation out of it. Either way central Florida has several flea markets, if you’re up for some exercise and some good old fashioned antique shopping, mark these two favorites down as go-to spots.

Renningers Antique and Flea Market Mt. Dora

Renningers Antiques & Farmers Markets Mt. Dora

Of of 117 highway Renningers rests in acres of scenic rolling hills of Lake County, it is in the heart of Central Florida and is a real hot spot for vintage hunting and antique shopping. Park your car in the spreading oaks and garlands of Spanish moss and walk on over to the booths to see what you can find. There is always some kind of score if you keep your eyes open. Just ask one of the dealers about an antique, they come from all around the area with antiques and collectables to bargin, you are sure to get a score.

There is a real mix of great vintage finds here which is why Renningers is one of our favorite spots. You can find an excellent selection of great antiques, a couple of dealers have great classic and antique books, there are Nascar collectables, vintage leather goods, coin collectors, vintage baseball cards, vintage model makers…the best part is that the majority of dealers here specialize in these items, you will find a few newer items and will certainly get great prices on these, however if you’re a vintage lover Renningers is the spot.

Open Saturdays and Sundays.

TIP: Bring a hat because it can get real sunny while wandering around their outdoor dealers tables. And don’t forget to save some room for kettle corn and home made Lemonade! 

For more information here is their website.

Vintage hunting paradise in sunny central Florida.

Webster Westside Flea Market

For 50 years Webster has been a favorite spot for anything and everything a vintage lover is looking for. Many of the vendors have been here in business for a long time, some of them for over 15 years. If you’re looking for a bargin on vintage items you are sure to find everything imaginable. For vintage fashion hunters there is Vintage Jewelry galore, vintage handbags, vintage watches and tons of decorative pieces from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Webster is a great place for exercise too with miles of vintage vendors at their tables, most of the walking however is stop and start because you see so many great vintage finds that you can never quite keep a good pace. You will find vintage flags, vintage tools, and loads of fantastic old antiques and lamps just sitting there waiting for the perfect owner. Webster is also a great spot for vintage guitars, every so often you see a real score like a great vintage Gibson acoustic or a 1950s Fender electric.

Open Every Monday Rain or Shine – Except When Monday Falls on Christmas Day.

Webster also holds a Car & Cycle Swapmeet once a month on the first sunday of every month.

TIP: Check the weather, because it can get real hot. Load up on sunscreen and wear a good pair of walking shoes you are sure to be moving around from table to table. 

For more information here is their website.

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