Vintage Shopping: Desii The Best Mens Vintage Boutique In Florence


We recently stayed at hotel Number 9 in Florence Italy and were thrilled to discover a fantastic mens vintage boutique right outside our hotel called Desii. As we entered, a well dressed clerk with a stately beard, button up vest, and sleeve tattoos greeted us.

Desii - Florence Italy Vintage Boutique for Men

Inside we discovered a culmination of new and old with shirts by John Smedley, Filson bags, great vintage accessories and enough classic vintage mens fashion to make a man look sharp. It was tasteful and neatly laid out. Desii also has a huge selection of vintage mens shoes, British, hand-made, classic vintage Italian leather shoes, and classic designer runners scattered neatly about. Desii is the epitome of great taste wall to wall.


There is also an interesting selection of vintage hunting jackets in perfect condition, Belstaff jackets stacked on shelves. And great patterned sport coats. You’ll also find incredible polos, vintage oxfords as well as some very stylish t-shirts to go under them. What is especially noticeable are the hand-picked choices of clothing. Each item perfectly arranged and mixed throughout the store so there is always something to discover.

Desii - Vintage shoes, Mixed with great Pin-Striped John Smedley Shirts

Desii – Vintage T-shirts Mixed With Great Pin-Striped John Smedley Shirts Plus Cardigins


What makes Desii for men so great are the details. You can tell they spent their time on the displays and arrangements and choice of every piece. It’s obvious. It is rare to find so many great vintage designer items in such great shape but also mixed with some new clothes, in one fabulous location. It is the best mixture of new and old we have seen for men. If you are vintage hunting in Florence Italy be sure to hit Desii.


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