Vintage Records: Quirky Vintage Vinyl

When digging for vintage vinyl records you discover the strangest things, typical record bins are overrun with Billy Joel Glass Houses or James Last vinyl and things you see a lot. Most vinyl collectors have to sift through tons of bad vinyl just to find the good stuff. Occasionally you get an old Johnny Cash record still in mint condition, Fleetwood Mac records, or a Tony Bennett record still in the wrapper, however once in a while there’s a full moon and strange goodies pop up.


On this one particular day I stood up, after being hunched over in that terrible record digging posture when Brownies “Wild Turkey Calling” still in the wrapper got my attention. I immediately pictured a a group of turkey hunters sitting around a fire listening to their portable record player studying Turkey calls. I’ve never seen anything like it before and I’m sure I never will again.

Vintage vinyl is certainly a fun way to discover new music and uncover various periods when vinyl was being made. It opens the vintage hunter up to a whole other world you never knew existed! Keep on digging you’re sure to come up with something odd to add to your collection while you’re digging for the good stuff!


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