Vintage Prom: How To Find The Best Prom Dress


The best prom dress is vintage because it’s memorable, unique, reasonably priced and it stands out. Why dress like everyone else? Make it a vintage prom. And who wants to wear the same dress as everyone else?! A vintage dress is a unique choice for a prom and is a perfect occasion for finding an extra special dress. Why vintage? It adds flair when you enter a room and it’s far less expensive than buying new. There are so many great eras to chose from, pick an era that suits your body type and personal style.

Best Prom Dress, 80s Sequin and 1960s Boned and Ruched Bodice - With Raspberry Thread

On left: 80s sequin dress found on Etsy – On right: 1960s 1960s Boned Dress on Etsy.

List of idea starters based on various periods to inform your hunt for the best prom dress: 

1. 70’s boho chic

2. 20’s flapper

3. 50’s diva

4. 50’s glamour, full skirt dress – very feminine

5. 60’s Mad Men bopper

6. 80’s glam with sequins galore!

There are tons of options when you buy a vintage prom dress the best place to start is by searching online, and be sure to have your dress size handy when you find one. Also check what boutiques sell vintage prom dresses in your area, and ask if they have any suggestions or ideas – they might have the perfect dress hanging in the back room. is no-brainer with a ton of stunning choices no matter what era you’re interested in. With the vast array of tasteful sellers you can find, search specifics can help you narrow down your choices and help you narrow down what you’re looking for.


Reminders Before You Start With Your Prom Dress Hunt

Ordering Online
Make sure the prom dress matches your exact measurements or, be ready for a minor nip and tuck at your local taylor, this can be costly depending on the alteration so only do this  when you can’t live without the dress.

Accessorizing Your Dress
A clutch or small chain bag (over the shoulder) accentuates a look or a period you’re going for. Something sophicated to go with your vintage dress? Find some jewelry to compliment your look but be careful not to overpower the dress. Also a great pair of heels can make or break the prom night of your dream, make sure while vintage prom dress hunting to keep an eye out for those complimentary accessories.

Your prom is a night to remember, you want to feel good in the dress you wear, and you want it to be as unique as can be. It is after all, your one and only prom.


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