Vintage BMW RS Motorcycle With Sidecar, WWII?

Vintage BMW Motorcycle

  It’s as cold day and I’m on my way for Dim Sum with my friend Matt when we discover a vintage BMW RS motorcycle with sidecar, parked along the side of the road in beautiful condition. Like something out of WWII film with flat green and black military finish and raw utilitarian frame, this […]

Vintage Motorcycles: 1991 BMW K100RS 4-Valve

1991 BMW K100RS 4-Valve Sport Touring

  Feel the wind in your arm hair on this vintage 1991 BMW K100RS. Stock ‘Brick’ 987cc engine has a ton of torque and loads of direct drive power. The first ABS motorcycle. This was shaft driven german technology and performance at it’s peak. Not only are these K100s fun to ride but they’re also a thrill […]