Vintage Motorcycles: 1991 BMW K100RS 4-Valve


Feel the wind in your arm hair on this vintage 1991 BMW K100RS. Stock ‘Brick’ 987cc engine has a ton of torque and loads of direct drive power. The first ABS motorcycle. This was shaft driven german technology and performance at it’s peak. Not only are these K100s fun to ride but they’re also a thrill to work on if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. With BMW still supplying the majority of parts you can order pretty much anything you need online, as well as aftermarket parts available internationally.

Close Up Of a 1991 BMW K100RS 4-Valve in Royal Metallic Blue

Known as a ‘brick’ because the engine was designed to lay sideways, this bike has incredible balance and re-centers well around corners with a low center of gravity. The K100rs has also been known eat up 4-500,000 miles before an engine shows signs of wear. As long as you’re doing yearly general maintenance like a spline lube every couple of years, changing fluids regularly and replacing tires, these bikes never seem to quit. The engineering of the frame and structure of a K100rs engine is practically indestructible. The handling and performance you get on a long road trip because of the design and comfort, makes it a joy to own. It practically begs for a road trip as far south as you can go and back.


It is also quite easy to add toys and upgrades with highly customizable aftermarket parts like a halogen headlight, LED lights and signals, cruise control or a comfy seat for those longer hauls. With the multitude of online forums and support available you’re never too far from a mechanic who knows his K100rs. BMW hit their stride when they manufactured these bikes and the K is a highly underrated model – only second to the K1100RS which they produced a year later, with it’s upgraded sport fairing and 50amp alternator, these K bikes were built for life.

What would you spend to own one of these killer vintage motorcycles? Not a lot really. You can still find these motorcycles on Craigslist. Most asking prices range from $1500 to $4500 depending on the condition. Ensure you ask a seller when the last time they had a Spline lube was. If it was within the past 4 years there’s a good chance it was well looked after. Ask anyone who owns a vintage BMW K100rs and they will go on about it like it was their only child. We’re talking fanatics.

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