Mens Vintage Fashion Archive

Designer shirts for men don't always come with a huge pricetag! Our mens vintage fashion archive covers everything from great mens online clothing boutiques we've discovered, or cheap clothes for men that are rare scores. We find cool tshirts from the 1970s, sometimes 1920s mens fashion and vintage sunglasses. Mens waterproof boots from the past. We also have a softspot for 1950s mens denim jackets, navy, military, and workwear...our tastes are broad and our scores are unique. We hope you find something cool and unique in here. Happy hunting!

Mens Waterproof Boots 1950’s Ball Band


  Vintage hunters are always on the lookout for a rare find, which is exactly what happened when my friend Derek scored a pair of vintage mens waterproof boots by Ball Band. These were originally made in Mishawaka Indiana around the 1950s the details and history of these boots are what make it interesting. And after examining […]

Vintage Denim: Union Made Lee Denim Jacket Sanforized

Vintage Lee Denim Jacket - Union Made

Scored a gorgeous, shredded Lee Denim Jacket the other day for $10. It was one of those days when you find something you just don’t expect. I was waiting for someone and decided to pop into an old vintage boutique in a basement that does wholesale vintage. The average age in there was about 18 […]

Vintage Mens Fashion: The Return To Klaxon Howl Part Two

Klaxon Howl Denim Jacket

  Klaxon Howl is a welcome stop along Toronto’s Queen Street west for mens fashion. What makes it special is that Matt Robinson’s own Klaxon Howl boutique label is something of an anomaly, especially when you understand his obsession and respect for the past. It inspires every thought, every pattern and every stitch. In a previous […]

Vintage Mens Fashion: The Return To Klaxon Howl Part One

Klaxon Howl - Vintage Military, Workwear, Vintage Workboots, Vintage label

  I’m on a subway heading west to Klaxon Howl, mens vintage and designer clothing store run by Matt Robinson. Matt is a vintage junkie who collects and sells classic military, navy, hunting and vintage workwear. This inspired his own Klaxon Howl designer label around 2010. It’s a great store. And this is the first time this year I’ve […]

Vintage Mens Fashion: Klaxon Howl and The Curse

Vintage Mens Fashion, Original Vintage - Klaxon Howl Toronto

Why is it every time I try to go shopping for mens vintage fashion at Klaxon Howl something prevents me. It’s either exhaustion, I’ve come down with a cold, or it’s closed on Canadian Thanksgiving. And who could blame them for being closed. It’s beautiful weather, it’s a day off to kick back and prepare for […]

Gianni Versace Fashion Designer

Gianni Versace Fashion Designer

  When your eyes examine the Versace logo you feel as if you’ve entered a time warp; classicism, boldness, gods and goddesses, provocation, and sex. So when Gianni Versace fashion designer entered the world of fashion in 1978 with brother Santo as SEO and Donatella designer, their ideas took the industry by storm. Gianni Versace […]

Vintage Sunglasses: How To Buy Vintage Sunglasses For Men

Roy Orbison Glasses - Vintage Sunglasses

  When buying vintage sunglasses it helps if you have a particular period in mind before you start, for example a hollywood actor from the 1950s, or a musician who wore a style you dig like Roy Orbison. Even if you have a designer in mind like Gianni Versace. Anything goes as long as it […]

Vintage Denim: 5 Ways To Make Denim Look Vintage

Vintage Levis - Orange Tabs

Whether you’re buying new or second-hand denim, achieving that vintage look is determined by how you treat them. Here are 5 ways to to make denim look vintage. Related posts: Vintage Denim: The Cult Of Denim Vintage Denim: Union Made Lee Denim Jacket Sanforized Vintage Fashion: Dad Jeans Are Back! Why Levis Vintage Clothing Make […]

Vintage Watches: Omega SeaMaster The Ultimate Vintage Dive Watch

1969 Omega SeaMaster 200

“Best diving watches” is best summarized by a name: SeaMaster. And it was started in 1947 by a company called Omega when they built the original ultimate dive watch. With so many models and numbers under the SeaMaster moniker however how do you know where to start looking? Our advice would be to start Related posts: Vintage Jewelry: The […]

Vintage Fashion: Dad Jeans Are Back!

Levis 501 - The Ultimate Dad Jeans

Okay so you’ve seen the headlines, dad jeans are making a comeback and you’re just as perplexed as we are. Only in a weird way you secretly want to steal a pair from your dad’s closet. Your dad wore them and he was cool at one time, heck maybe he was right all along. Related […]

Vintage Shopping: Best Rome Vintage Boutique

Vintage Hermes Scarf at Blue Goose in Rome

  Blue Goose is one of the newer additions to Romes vintage boutiques along Via Del Boschetto in Monti. And from the moment you enter the boutique the knowledgeable friendly staff greet you as if you have just entered a hidden pocket of vintage designer gems that nobody else knows about. Right off the start […]

Vintage Shopping: Top 5 Tips For Rome Vintage Hunting

Rome Vintage Hunting

The city of gods rests in the history books as the quintessential shopping destination. Which is great for Rome vintage shoppers because there is excess of designer clothes that get recycled by Romanians. It is also home to some of the worlds top designers and is the fashion capital of Italy second to Milan. Related […]

Vintage Sunglasses: Original Buddy Holly Style Frames

Vintage Sunglasses, Vintage Buddy Holly Glasses

  The death of a rock star creates an enormous void especially when that famous rock star wears vintage Buddy Holly glasses. Buddy Holly asked his Optometrist for the most inconspicuous frames he could find. His optometrist on the other hand was of a different mind and quelled his inhibitions about having to wear glasses. And when away on vacation in […]

Vintage Watches: W10 Smiths Military Watch

Smiths Military Watch - Vintage British

  Ending a centuries old tradition of fine British watchmaking, the Smiths Military watch was the last of it’s kind. Vintage Military watches made by the British are not easy to find in mint condition, however Smiths military were manufactured to be one of the best in that era. As a testament to Smiths craftsmanship […]

How To Hunt For Vintage Mens Oxford Shirts

Vintage Oxford Shirt

  One way for a man to save money and look good is to shop for cheap vintage online, but first you have to learn the art of thrift shopping for mens oxford shirts. How a garment is made, the quality of the cloth, the buttons and label itself should be examined closely. It is an […]

Vintage Shopping: Tips For Buying Vintage On Craigslist

Vintage 80s Suede Leather Heels

With spring right around the corner spring cleaning is right behind it. It is the perfect time of year for people to purge and eliminate unwanted things and for the vintage hunter, it is peak season for finding great vintage on Craigslist. Related posts: Online Vintage Shopping Experience Has Exploded The Vintage Shopper: What Type […]

Online Vintage Shopping Experience Has Exploded

Vintage Shopping Evolved

  Finding online vintage fashion is evolving rapidly, and depending on the type of vintage hunter you are it can be an especially exciting time to find vintage fashion online. Post-recession mood is wearing off and people are paying more attention to the details again. The antiquity, style and nostalgia we all adore can be appreciated […]

Vintage Jewelry: The Space Proof Omega Moon Watch 1957

Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch Gemini - Vintage Watches

  What signifies the ultimate vintage wristwatch? It would need to be indestructible, waterproof, have high-grade steel, exceptional movement and sound. In 1957 however the Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch was required by NASA to be “Space Proof. Flight Qualified by NASA for all Manned Space Missions” the Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch was sourced by NASA as a […]

1950s Fishtail Parka

Fishtail Parka 1950 - The Who Quadraphenia Also Made it Popular

  The 1950s war machine introduced The Fishtail Parka as one of the true layered ‘flexible clothing’ systems. It could be worn in all weather conditions. The ‘Fishtail Fins’ in the back were originally meant to be tied to your legs to give you full insulation and a closed garment system. It enabled the United States […]

Vintage Shopping: The Art Of Thrifting And Saving Money

Saving Money While Thrifting

Is the hunt all about saving money? Some people shop for vintage fashion to find the rare and unusual score, other people shop for vintage fashion because they are saving money. And the line gets blurry about where vintage hunting starts and where thrifting ends. Let’s try to break it down for you. Related posts: […]

Vintage Fashion: The Navy Deck Jacket

Paul Newman Wearing a Vintage Navy Deck Jacket

  It’s the perfect January morning to pull a watch cap over my head and put on my vintage Navy Deck Jacket. I call them boat coats but the real term is a Navy Deck Jacket and if it’s rainy or cold outside there’s nothing better to wear, they’re warm and made for heavy weather. […]

Vintage Fashion: How To Hunt For Vintage Shoes

Vintage Italian Shoes

Some of the best vintage scores go on your feet, you could choose to buy something new however where’s the fun in that. If style and originality are import to you, make your feet happy with a great pair of vintage shoes. Related posts: How To Hunt For Vintage Mens Oxford Shirts Vintage Shopping: Rome […]

Vintage Fashion: Pendleton Fashion Since 1909

Vintage Pendleton Pattern

The pacific northwest Oregon is an absolutely beautiful state when you consider the rocks, the trees and the windblown coastline.  It was inhabited by indigenous tribes before traders, explorers, and settlers arrived.  And when we think of classic all american vintage fashion we think of Pendleton Wollen Mill, which opened there in 1909. Their clothing and […]

The Nostalgia of Vintage

Photo by dlundbech

When you shop for vintage does it mean you’re nostalgic? Is vintage shopping a longing for your past? Do antiques and collectables have the power to reconnect you with an idealistic era, you or your family were connected to? Nostalgia has to do with all of it. To be brought back in a time when […]

Vintage Shopping: Florida Antique Flea Markets

Vintage Shopping in Florida, Vintage Jewelry, vintage antiques, vintage coins...tons of scores.

  When you get to Florida the thing you want to do is get outside. The sun, the warmth and the atmosphere make it a great vacation spot when searching for vintage scores. And the best way to experience the Florida outdoors if you are a serious vintage hunter, is Flea Markets. You might even want to stay […]

The Vintage Shopper: What Type Of Shopper Are You?

Vintage Hunters, Vintage Shoppers, Vintage Fashion

There are many unique types of vintage hunters out there, sometimes they stand out and are wearing head to toe vintage, other times they don’t. We have listed a few, you might fit in one of these descriptions, or several descriptions depending on how hardcore you are when it comes to vintage hunting. What type […]

Vintage Shopping: Corner Store, Saint Paul Minnesota

Corner Store Vintage Leather Jackets

Sometimes curiosity can take you to some incredible cities for vintage hunting, each city has it’s own hunting spots and some are not easy to find, but if you ask locals in Minneapolis where the best vintage is, most will point you to St. Pauls. The people there are super friendly and the area is really inspiring […]