Vintage Mens Fashion: The Return To Klaxon Howl Part One


I’m on a subway heading west to Klaxon Howlmens vintage and designer clothing store run by Matt Robinson. Matt is a vintage junkie who collects and sells classic military, navy, hunting and vintage workwear. This inspired his own Klaxon Howl designer label around 2010. It’s a great store. And this is the first time this year I’ve had a chance to stop by and check out the vintage, so I’m pretty damn excited.

WWII Vintage Navy Souvenir Jacket

As I approach I see Matt exit the shop heading east, I’m thankful the door isn’t locked behind him like last time and I’m greeted by a brunette in a Depeche Mode shirt. She’s friendly, attentive, alert “If you have any questions I can call Matt, he should be back soon.” I like it here.

Vintage Hawaiian Shirts

As I start to look around I could see this place becoming a second home there’s so much great stuff. I begin to scour the glass showcase at the front admiring some choice artifacts from a very curated collection. The shop is a finely tuned vestige for vintage military, navy, hunting jackets, workwear, boots and leather jackets. It’s organized in groupings all around the store and mixed together with Klaxon’s own house label of original designer clothing.


I spot a vintage military combat shirt from 1960s Vietnam with great double square-cut breast pockets. It stands out because of the unique camouflage. Below it are rare military tees from the 1960s – 1970s a pair of shorty engineer boots with hand-hammered toes, that sadly don’t fit. And some 1950s college sweatshirts.

Vintage Vietnam Camo 1960s

vintage-military-vestVintage Military Display

Ask Matt about the details of a vintage shirt or a certain type of camouflage and he’ll and enlighten you on it’s history, the cloth, the cut and fit. He knows what he’s talking about and everything is neatly written in feathered pen on every label: Year, Size, Date and Type of Garment. Visiting Klaxon Howl is like being present inside the mind of Matt Robinson. It’s a vintage hideout where there’s an appreciation for history and the fashion behind it.


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