Vintage Mens Fashion: Klaxon Howl and The Curse

Why is it every time I try to go shopping for mens vintage fashion at Klaxon Howl something prevents me. It’s either exhaustion, I’ve come down with a cold, or it’s closed on Canadian Thanksgiving. And who could blame them for being closed. It’s beautiful weather, it’s a day off to kick back and prepare for a turkey coma. I would.

Except I’m still standing here staring in the window, looking at the chalkboard behind the glass telling me the hours of operation. It doesn’t matter, I’ll  just pick another day. It’s a curse.

The last time I was here the place was filled with goodies. Vintage military wear, vintage workwear, great vintage Levis, classic denim, hats, hunting boots, it was all a little overwhelming from what I remember, which is why I’ve been trying to come back ever since. But now it’s out of reach, locked up closed.

Vintage Mens Fashion, Original Vintage - Klaxon Howl Toronto

Vintage Mens Fashion, Original Vintage – Klaxon Howl Toronto


Or I’ll just stand here with my nose pressed against the glass like a sad dog until it opens. No biggie.

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