Vintage Jewelry: Vintage Chanel Charm Belt

As a continuation of the vintage Chanel collection we’re doing a feature on the latest piece is a rare vintage Chanel Charm belt, and this one makes our lower lip quiver. As if a fine jeweler himself hand plucked these little charms from a Chanel history book and neatly organized them hanging in glimmering gold beauty around the waist.

Rare Vintage Chanel Charm Belt - Karl Lagerfeld Era

Rare Vintage Chanel Charm Belt – Karl Lagerfeld Era

From a collection that rarely gets worn, and probably never seen if it weren’t for our persistence to have a peek and this collection, this one is a real gem.¬†With a mix of Chanel handbags, Chanel 5 perfume bottles, flowers, Chanel shoes even a clover leaf charm! This belt is as much about good luck as it is about beauty.

Wearing this Chanel charm belt is as much about entering a room with a glow as it is a statement in vintage Chanel jewelry, that jingles! How cute. WANT!!!

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