Vintage Jewelry: First Peek At The Secret Collection Of Vintage Chanel

Photos are starting to come in of the secret vintage Chanel collection of we wrote about this month. In it are rare Chanel handbags and accessories, all in absolutely mint condition and unworn. This first photo was texted to us last night via our source. You should have seen all the exclamation points in the text.

Vintage Chanel Jewelry - Rare Chanel Choke

Vintage Chanel Jewelry – Rare Chanel Choke

This first piece is a┬áheavy gold Chanel double CC brooch and has been kept in a box and hidden away until now. Not even a thumb print on this gorgeous flower. This brooch is completely original with it’s box and card of authenticity.

As photos are trickling in, we will begin to reveal more of what is behind the curtain of this highly coveted vintage Chanel collection. Stay tuned as we continue the secret Chanel series.

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