Vintage Jewelry: A Secret Collection Of Vintage Chanel Jewelry


Afternoon cocktails with friends last weekend revealed a huge collection of vintage Chanel jewelry and accessories all of it hidden and never worn. Our guests joined us for the long weekend and we had just finished discussing Paul’s history in sales at Chanel when we learned just how much vintage Chanel jewelry and accessories he had given the love-of-his-life, Joanne. Lavish Chanel jewelry, scarves, rare Chanel handbags and accessories. Joanne’s reply “it never impressed me.”

Vintage Chanel Collection - Hidden From The World

Then we got to talking about Joanne’s coveted vintage Double C Chanel necklace and how it was never worn. Or the Chanel scarf Paul gave her, stuck in a drawer somewhere. Paul says “she’s the only woman I know that Chanel doesn’t have an affect on!” Paul has showered her with Chanel handbags, bracelets and rarities. All of it, hidden away.

As connoisseurs of vintage Chanel jewelry this is blasphemy. We had to ask Joanne politely if she was out of her mind. She claims she was never taken with wearing jewelry or accessories at all. We hinted that the next time she and Paul came to visit that she wear it all. We got a “maybe.” So our vintage Chanel photo-shoot of Joanne’s secret collection is forthcoming. Whether Joanne will wear any of it for us, is to be determined. Paul tells us they even have an extremely rare giant bottle of Chanel #5 perfume which is highly collectable. This plot thickens!

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