Vintage Hunting: The Unlucky Days

Today I set out on a mission today vintage hunting to see what I could dig up at thrift stores, nothing particular in mind like vintage jewelry, just browsing really to so see what fate will throw in my lap. The expectation was low so the possibilities were endless. This is usually when serendipity strikes because you’re open, and find something completely surprising like the score of all scores! But nothing, today. Zilch. Nada.

And these days need to happen, it’s builds that excitement for the next vintage hunting expedition. The  anticipation and zeal go into remission and store up for later. It’s like waiting to have sex until the weekend. Saving yourself for the ultimate score so that the satisfaction of finding that french leather jacket or vintage spanish guitar become all the more thrilling.

Being unlucky also means you get to see what other shoppers are doing. Like the old man measuring his inseam with the tape he brought from home. Or eavesdropping on two neighbors who bump into each other after christmas, exchange small talk and holiday gossip. You see things like the surly woman who like some character in a Stephen King novel, shuffles around quietly unaware obsessed with all the 1970s tupperware.

At times like this I realize how much I love vintage hunting, and that it is the greatest hobby in the world. It’s more than finding a great vintage Gucci purse and some crystal tumbler glasses, that’s so empty. It’s about being out there and exposing your senses to the thrill of finding something great! Or totally not.

Oh wait…there was one really great thing I snapped a picture of, it was an old vintage radio that looked like a gem. Something you used to sit around and listen to War Of The Worlds on. In hindsight maybe I missed a really great score today, I hate when that happens…oh well, next time.

Best of luck out there, whether you find something or not remember it’s all about the hunt!

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