Living Room Decor Ideas Cheap And Simple

Living Room Decor Ideas - Cheap and Simple

  I’ve noticed two trends happening lately for living room decor ideas, the first is an influx of vintage typewriters cropping up at local vintage boutiques and in people’s homes, the second is vintage tennis racquets. Odd? Not in the least. Just check out this collage I discovered at the Queen West Antique Center, a […]

Things To Do In West Palm Beach For Vintage Hunters

things to do in west palm beach - antiques row

  If you are looking for things to do in West Palm Beach, this is a must. Drive along South Dixie Highway to a non descript area called Antiques Row, it’s an antique and collectable lovers paradise. To locals it’s a place where they can find great antique furniture, silverware and lamps. To visitors looking […]

Vintage Egg Cups From A Great Aunt Make A Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast - Hard boiled egg fun!

  I walked in the kitchen the other morning and a roommate unveiled several rare antiques gifted to her from her great aunt. Some were rare plates, there were some cups, and then there were these two characters. These were some of the best breakfast antiques I’d ever seen, because they made me smile. Talk about a […]

Vintage Home: I Want A Vintage Carhartt Overalls Pam Clock!

Carhartt Overalls Union Made - Pam Clock

  Something happens when you plan a spontaneous evening out, like a night at my favorite restaurant UNION on Ossington. Where I got a closer look at the vintage Carhartt Union Made Overalls Pam Clock, hanging on the wall above the bar. I just knew it was something special. Cahartt was a major player in workwear. […]

Vintage Home: The Underwood Vintage Typewriter

Antique Typewriters - Underwood Typewriters

  We were having dinner at a friends house the other night and low and behold, we discovered a great Underwood antique typewriter, staring us in the face. The detail and inner workings of a classic typewriter like this make it a work of art for your home or office. And we began to dream […]

Vintage Home: Home And Office Salvage At Smash

Salvage - Office And Home Smash In The Junction T.O.

We ventured into the Junction yesterday in search of salvage furniture and vintage office miscellany and discovered new pockets of vintage stores mixed with old in a neighborhood slowly shedding it’s snake-skin past. Related posts: Vintage Antiques: Follow Your Heart Vintage Furniture: Obsessed With Danish Teak Furniture Vintage Home: How To Find Persian Rugs Vintage […]

MidCentury Modern Furniture at UB in Florence

Vintage Furniture Florence Italy at UB

  If you are looking for midcentury modern furniture in Florence the journey is just as important as the destination. And when we discovered UB we didn’t want to leave. On the outside it appears as if a local has just opened their front door for some fresh air. You peek inside and see all the […]

Vintage Home: How To Find Persian Rugs

Antique Persian Rug - Gashgai

Sometimes the biggest scores become investments, like finding vintage Persian Rugs. The history and hand-crafted detail that go into a nice one can make it the centerpiece in any room. So how do you find Persian Rugs that are authentic? Related posts: The Art Of Collecting Vintage Tea Cups Vintage Home: Home And Office Salvage […]

Vintage Oddities: The Muppets Jim Henson Vintage Mugs

The Muppets Collectable Mugs 1979 - Jim Henson

  It’s not everyday we go hunting for vintage coffee mugs however when we discovered The Muppets Mrs. Piggy and Floyd mugs for $5 behind the glass counter at a Salvation Army, we couldn’t resist buying them. These 1979 classic mugs are a testament to Jim Henson in every way.From the color scheme to the artwork these […]

Vintage Design: What 1960s Interior Design Legend David Hicks Taught Us


  We recently saw India Hicks speak in Toronto – famed designer of jewelry, model, author, and daughter of the interior design legend David Hicks. She spoke about the impact her father had on the world of interior design and how he influenced her own design choices today. David Hick’s taste for design colour, pattern, and symmetry was unmistakable. His […]

The Art Of Collecting Vintage Tea Cups

Antique Teacup Collecting Is So Rich With History

  A lot of people started collecting vintage tea cups because they had them given to them as gifts from a family member. Eventually they create their own antique tea sets matching the designs, colors and history. And because they are all so different once you learn how to examine tea cups you just can’t […]