Vintage Home: The Underwood Vintage Typewriter


We were having dinner at a friends house the other night and low and behold, we discovered a great Underwood antique typewriter, staring us in the face. The detail and inner workings of a classic typewriter like this make it a work of art for your home or office. And we began to dream about typewriters.

Vintage Underwood Typewriter - Home Antiques

Where do you find a 70 year old typewriter? How much do you have to pay? These antiques make a beautiful centrepiece on an old table or hutch, and can add a ton of charm to a room.



What makes them stand out is the industrial design and detail of every moving part. These were made in a period when people had very strong muscles in their hands – just try typing a letter on a key, it’s a workout!

Antique Typewriters - Underwood Typewriters

If you do find one keep in mind these old Underwood typewriters certainly aren’t easy to carry and weigh as much as 40 lbs. You basically need transportation. But to get it to your car you’ll need to ensure for safety that you bend at the knees when you lift. An old typewriter is dead weight.

Ebay shows an array of antique Underwood typewriters for around $90-$100. But the fact is, no one will want to spend the enormous shipping fee to purchase one of these monsters unless it is extremely rare. So the hunt continues for the perfect Underwood typewriter. It’s an exciting journey! And when you see the charm that one of these old antique typewriters brings to a home, it’s totally worth the search.

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