Vintage Home: How To Find Persian Rugs

Sometimes the biggest scores become investments, like finding vintage Persian Rugs. The history and hand-crafted detail that go into a nice one can make it the centerpiece in any room. So how do you find Persian Rugs that are authentic?


Become a detective. Start by determining the size you want, because the bigger the rug the higher the cost. Consider the time it takes to to hand-weave one, dye it with color, count the knots. Making a Persian rug is an art and should be left to the experts which is why it’s good to have a few tips before you start your search.

Persian Rug Detail - Heriz Serapi 20th century

Persian Rug Detail – Heriz Serapi 20th century (via)

Find out whether it is actually made by hand. Look for good quality wool that is smooth and soft, the scratchier the wool the lower the quality of rug. Check for flex in the rug by folding it, does it make a ‘crack’ sound? that’s an indication that it is manufactured. Finally, check the back to see if the actual wool-loops are visible. These are all signs of a hand made Persian.

Vintage Persian Rugs are anything made before 1930 by Iranian standards. And it can be difficult to decipher which region a Persian rug design came from unless you understand the geography. Pick an region with patterns you like, ask for that region by name when it comes time to buy, check for all of the above and you’re one step ahead to scoring a classic Persian Rug for your kingdom!


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