Vintage Music: Vintage Hammond Organ from 1973


My grandmother used to play in a church and always had a vintage Hammond Organ in the house that I would play. She had several over the years and I think she even had a B3 at one point. And it got into my blood, I would sit at that thing for hours fiddling away at the keys and trying all the knobs. I knew that one day I would have my very own and it was really just a matter of time. And practice of course because there was no point owning one if I didn’t know how to play it!

Vintage Hammond Organ

I had my eye on several Hammond Organ’s over the years but didn’t have the space for one. Hammond Organs are a commitment. They are clunky like pieces of old furniture so unless you plan on using it do not hunt for one. I’ve seen many vintage hunters who bought one second hand because the price was right only to learn it won’t fit up their stairs, or they would get it home and it would sit there never being played and be used as a coffee table.


That day finally came two summers ago when I was looking in my local thrift store at a Hammond knock off. I  had never heard of the brand before and I can’t remember the name of it however while I was looking at it a gentleman came up to me and said he had seen a nice organ at a Thrift Store not far from here. He plugged it in and played it and it was a real vintage score. He said that I should check it out because it was probably still there. Off I went.

Vintage Hammond Organ

Sure enough the organ was there and it was something. It came with the original bench (something you don’t get often) and the man was right, it did sound amazing. The price was right too for $75. So I got a van, and drove it home. It was no trouble getting it up the stairs with two people and it fit perfectly in the living-room like a centrepiece. And to this day I play it often. I use the various drum machines, flip knobs and foot the pedals. If you have ever tried a Hammond Organ you know what I mean when I say these are a lot of fun to play.

Vintage Organ Hammond

I have been collecting vintage instruments for a lot of years but this one wins the prize. If you are ever in a thrift store looking for a great vintage score and come across one of these organs, ask to plug it in. You will surly get carried away and pretty soon be looking for an excuse to take one home. And good luck out there finding you next great vintage score!

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