Vintage Furniture: Obsessed With Danish Teak Furniture

To be obsessed with Danish Teak Furniture means you are a voyeur of good design, aware of the details, aware of the simplicity and of the ageless craftsmanship that goes into every cut. Danish perfection gave birth to mid-century modern style, from the early choice of rich dark teak wood to the sharp corners and clean lines that protrude out, you just can’t help but fall in love with every cut of wood.

Danish Teak Furniture Hutch

Danish Teak Furniture Hutch

There were many lucky moments vintage hunting where a fine piece of mid-century modern furniture appeared at our feet. Being in the right place at the right time helps. We have found bedside tables, coffee-tables, lamps, an entire dining room set with eight custom high-back chairs. And all for cheap. And we are now the proud owners of a small Teak furniture museum at home. Obsessed with Teak? Probably. In love with Danish Design? Without a doubt. A period of design born of the Bauhaus deserves it’s place in history. And Teak from 1950s to late sixties, early 70s are considered antiques.


The warmth that Teak wood gives off is undeniable, it’s deep brown hue presents a warm and inviting color as you enter a room. And the details can really stand out if you get up close, for example a liquor cart from 1950s era, with sharp legs down to it’s wheels, Danish design embraced sharp lines and curves, the corners of the surface top would have a deep beveled edge which caresses as your hand glides over it, it is easy to appreciate Teak if you study the work that went into it.

You can still find mid-century modern furniture for a decent price if you hunt, specialty vintage furniture stores in cities tend to price-hike and make even the simplist Danish Teak coffee table unattainable. The reason? These are pieces of Danish art, the demand is high and people buy it. It’s a strong case for design.

1950s Danish Teak Wall Unit

1950s Danish Teak Wall Unit

Visit estate sales, thrift stores and garage sales. Danish Teak Furniture shows up on ocassion and can be bought at a reasonable price. Be prepared to haggle. Avoid specialty antique stores unless you are certain you can’t find it anywhere else. Otherwise you could spend up to four thousand dollars on a Danish Teak Wall Unit that you could get for under a thousand. You can surly find great Teak Furniture for less, just be persistent with your hunt, it’s out there.

Good luck, we hope you find some truly original mid-century modern Danish Teak furniture to grace your home. The appreciation grows the more you hunt for it, as does your collection if you’re as obsessed with it as we are.

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