Danish Teak Chairs Found On A Farm


Just last weekend we found five danish teak chairs sitting perfectly lined along a farmhouse driveway. Road trips are the best way to discover vintage scores because you never know what you might find along the road. It was a savoury sight for a Teak lover, and with eyes wide we swerved the car over onto the gravel shoulder in a cloud of dust, waited for a break in traffic and spun the car back around for some investigation.

Danish Teak Chairs Found On The Farm - Look Great At Our Table

We know how to restore teak furniture however the chairs were in great condition, all mid 1960s teak dining chairs. Upholstered in 1967. The gentleman who was having the sale walked over to us. His pants were hiked up and he had a farm-tractor-equipment hat on that was tipped to the side. He said “Well, hello! Inherited a whole Danish Teak dining room set and hutch from my uncle years ago, the Teak chairs came with it but we never liked em, so I stuck em in the basement.” Affixed to one of the chairs was a piece of masking tape, in pen was scrawled $10.00.

I asked what the best price he could give me for all five was. He said “you know they’re solid Teak wood! …well…what would you offer?” I said “$40 cash for the whole lot.” We shook hands. The obsession with Danish Teak furniture continues.


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  1. Terri says

    I was really never into teak wood do to the orange tone I guess. I just received a cool teak bar(when you lift the top your stored bottles rise up, cool). I was actually researching how to stain it but not I feel that would be blasphemy LOL. Not sure what to do with it now.

    • Vintage Lover says

      Sounds like a score, Terri! Have you read our post on restoring teak

      Also, the patina that develops without staining it is also quite interesting. It’s super durable wood, hence the reason so many ocean going sailboats have it on their decks.

      Send us a few pictures and we’ll do a story, your teak bar sounds incredible!

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