Vintage Fashion: The Navy Deck Jacket


It’s the perfect January morning to pull a watch cap over my head and put on my vintage Navy Deck Jacket. I call them boat coats but the real term is a Navy Deck Jacket and if it’s rainy or cold outside there’s nothing better to wear, they’re warm and made for heavy weather.

Vintage Navy Deck Jacket

The king of effortless cool Paul Newman, wore one. This vintage Navy Deck Jacket’s style is so incredibly timeless that it can be worn today. And after looking for many years I found one at a vintage men’s shop nearby, picked out of five that were there. It had such an incredible fit when I tried it on I had to purchase it. And I could see why these vintage navy jackets were so wearable and made to last.

Vintage Navy Deck Jacket

The extreme weather and rugged conditions that the Navy would need to withstand at sea requires a construction like this, the material is an extremely heavy-weaved cotton to keep out water and with a wool interior to keep you warm. The wool-interior collar that flips up around the neck for heavy winds and a heavy zipper that will last a lifetime. The best part of the design are the signature angled pockets, when you put your hands in them you can relax the shoulders and arms in comfort.


Sometimes you see numbers and markings on them from a particular ship or navy vessel they were on, which also adds a ton of antiquity and collectability to these vintage jackets. The style has been copied by designers over the years because of the distinct style and construction that made them last so long. This particular style was made in the late 1950s early 1960s.

Vintage Navy Deck Jacket

They don’t show up at thrift stores often, you’re best to look on Etsy or find a local vintage boutique that specializes in military. If you’re ever in Toronto Canada however seek out Roger, he owns  Flashbacks Vintage in Kensington Market and might be able to help you. Or try Klaxon Howl on Queen Street, where I got mine.

These vintage Navy jackets are made of steel and are a lifetime purchase. It doesn’t hurt that you also feel like the king of cool wearing one. Best of luck out there, hope you find a nice one.


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