Vintage Fashion: Vintage Hermes Kelly Bag 1956

The vintage Hermes Kelly Bag is what celebrity status looked like in 1956. It was an ageless luxury and one of the most iconic bags of the twentieth century. Originally designed by Robert Dumas-Hermès in 1930 as an accessory for the automobile, it was something both exquisite and practical. The Hermès brand is considered the only true luxury brand today because of it’s craftsmanship, and historically the Hermes Kelly Bag was their show piece.

The Vintage Hermes Kelly Bag

The Vintage Hermes Kelly Bag

The true birth of the bag however was brought to limelight by the glamour and popularity of hollywood superstar Grace Kelly. And she can been seen droning it for media in practically every press photo she appeared in. A sign that she loved this bag more than anything, but not more than her soon to be prince.

And lucky for Hermes the publicity of their bag coincided with Grace Kelly marrying the Prince of Monaco. A negotiated decision was then made with the Monaco family, and they renamed the bag The Hermes Kelly Bag in Grace’s honor – lucky girl, she had a prince and now a bag named after her.

With it’s short flap, demur handle and original locking belt, it was the ultimate in vintage simplicity. The popularity of this bag today makes it highly collectable, and in fact a vintage Hermes Kelly Bag from the late 1950s can run you $20, 0000. That is if you ever find a collector who’s willing to part with their baby.

In more recent years the Kelly bag continues to appear in pop culture as an accessory made notable by Sarah Jessica Parker and recently the show Gossip Girl. And a great vintage Hermes bag like the Kelly bag, with such rich history and classicism, will continue to be highly collectable and in pop culture now that it is a timeless luxury.

The reality is, you will have a fat chance finding a vintage Kelly Bag for anything less than 20k. But you could always go the cheaper route and buy one new! We know, it’s not the same. Depending on what type of vintage hunter you are, luck has a funny way of surprising even the most casual of hunters and there is always a chance you’ll spot one. Keep an eye out for this piece of art.


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