Vintage Fashion: The Category-busting Vintage Prada Nylon HandBag 1979

Prada was always determined to carve it’s own route, and by the late 1970s they broke away from the pack with the vintage Prada Black Handbag made with nylon – or the sexier name: synthetic silk. Nylon doesn’t sound very groundbreaking today however in the late 1970s designer handbags were leather.

Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada was a feminist and student of mime with a PhD in political science. She brought her utilitarian determination in the 1970s to the family business when she birthed a new category aesthetic to designer handbags with her first major statement the Prada Nylon Handbag. The irony however is that it’s high price tag remained, even though it was synthetic material, but to Miuccia the handbag equaled luxury and advancement in fashion.


Now fashionistas could carry designer bags only bags made with cheap material, both a smart business decision on Miuccia’s part and a punk concept for designer handbags. Around the early 1980s she rolled out entirely new lines based on the Prada Nylon Handbag with totes and knapsacks. The vintage Prada Nylon Handbag is testament of Miuccia’s personal touch on Prada history and design.

These bags were made in the time-honoured tradition of the Italian luxury brand, and to this day the 1979 vintage Prada Nylon Handbag is a highly collectable item. The original silver trim and handles and Prada triangle, make it obvious to spot. Good luck finding one. They are certainly more expensive than they look!


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