Vintage Fashion: Pennys Pay Day Vintage Denim Workwear Jacket 1940s


Having the right connections for finding vintage denim makes all the difference. It also helps if you’re always looking. I just so happened to be in the right place at the right time when I discovered a great vintage work wear jacket from the 1940s, union made by PAY DAY called Penny’s. It dates as far back as the 1940s from what I could tell and based on it’s condition it’s a huge score.


Vintage Workwear 1940s Penny's PAY DAY Denim Jacket

The thing with mens vintage denim workwear is that it exudes character. And when you consider that this clothing was functional and made for work, you begin to discover the antiquity and details that stand out. And with vintage denim the history is all in the details, stitching and wear.

Vintage Workwear 1940s Penny's PAY DAY Denim Jacket

This particular jacket fits a little large on me however after speaking with my friend Anthony over at Form Follows Function (another mens vintage workwear junkie) it was clear I had found a great denim jacket with a great fit. The four pockets each have character, the breast watch pocket is unique to this period with an extra hole above the top button for your watch chain to attach to.

Vintage Workwear 1940s Penny's PAY DAY Denim Jacket

Vintage Workwear 1940s Penny's PAY DAY Denim Jacket

Finding vintage denim workwear is not easy but if you appreciate the finer details of vintage denim and a nose for poking around you’ll uncover some very unique finds. I got this denim workwear jacket for $100 when most are going for $400 in Japan. It was a win.

Good luck out there! Vintage denim if you have an eye for it is an exciting find.

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